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Beat the Heat: A Guide to Spotting and Fixing a Broken Air Conditioner

Did you know that every year, hundreds of people succumb to heat-related illnesses in the US? In fact, from 2004 to 2018, extreme heat contributed to the loss of over 10,000 lives in the country. Many of these cases, in turn, occurred in the States of Arizona, California, and Texas.

That’s why health experts recommend seeking shelter in air-conditioned buildings during hot days. For the same reason, you need to get a broken air conditioner fixed ASAP before it completely fails.

The question is, how can you tell that your AC is on the verge of failure?

We’ve listed the top signs indicating you have a broken AC at home, so be sure to read on.

AC Turns on but Doesn’t Produce Cold Air

Inside your air conditioner are evaporator coils made of cold loops of metal. They cool the warm air that the AC fan and fan motor blow over them. The metal coils also contain refrigerants that absorb heat and moisture from the air.

So, if any of those components break, your air conditioner will also fail to produce cold air. While the actual unit may still power on, it won’t cool or circulate conditioned air.

Thus, if you suspect a broken AC component, turn the equipment off right away. Then, check the filter for any filth or debris accumulation. A dirty filter, after all, can impede airflow, making it seem as if your AC isn’t producing cold air.

If the filter is clean, though, your air conditioner problems likely have to do with a busted fan, motor, or coil. Call an AC technician right away to inspect and repair your unit. If the damage is severe, though, installing a new air conditioner may be a wiser move.

Loud and Weird Noises

A broken air conditioner sound can take the form of banging, clanging, or hissing.

Banging or clanging can mean that a foreign object is getting tossed around inside the unit by the fan. It can also indicate that a dislodged AC part, such as the fan or a screw, is bumping against another component.

On the other hand, buzzing or hissing can be a sign of a leaking refrigerant line. If that’s what’s happening to your AC, then it’s likely to lose cooling power, too.

Either way, it’s best to shut off your air conditioner as soon as you notice those signs. It’s even more crucial if you believe you have a refrigerant leak, which can put you at risk of poisoning.

From there, call an AC repair company as soon as possible.

Dead or Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat is the main control mechanism of your air conditioner, letting you turn the unit on or off. It’s also the device that enables you to adjust the temperature settings of the AC. Thus, any problems with it, such as faulty wiring or dead batteries, can make it fail.

If that happens, you might be unable to power on your AC or adjust the temperature.

Before you call an AC repair service, though, try replacing the batteries first. If that doesn’t do the trick, then go ahead and schedule your unit for inspection and repairs.

Don’t Let a Broken Air Conditioner Put Your Safety at Risk

As you can see, loss of cooling power and weird sounds can all be signs of a broken air conditioner. So, as soon as you notice these symptoms, it’s wise to contact an AC repair company right away. The sooner you get a tech to inspect and fix your AC, the better for your health and safety.

Are you interested in even more home and health-related guides like this? If so, then please feel free to browse our other informative blog posts!

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