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Barista Tools That Every Coffee Shop Needs

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Owning a coffee shop means you need to know how to make coffee that gets people talking. This is important now more than ever. By 2025, the specialty coffee shops market is expected to see an increase of $64.82 billion.

Did you know that the right barista tools can help you make the most of this growth and the future of your business?

In this article, we discuss some of the most essential tools for coffee shops and why they matter. Continue reading to start building your coffee shop equipment list.

Coffee Grinder

One of the most essential barista tools for coffee shops is a high-quality coffee grinder. Ground coffee only keeps its peak freshness for approximately 30 minutes, depending on conditions and storage methods.

Whole beans can last much longer in storage at 2 to 3 weeks. The combination of barista skills and the right grinder can extract the best flavors from the bean.

Espresso Machine

Every coffee shop equipment list includes a commercial espresso machine because of how it influences the flavor of the espresso. Commercial espresso machines offer the most flexibility.

They allow you to control your settings to accommodate different coffee beans with different complexities. They also produce consistent results in temperature and pressure, which are essential in the brewing process.

Reliable Thermometer

Even if you have the best espresso machine on the market, you can’t rely on the machine’s temperature gauge alone. Creating great espresso and coffee requires certain quality control measures.

This is where a reliable thermometer is beneficial. Your baristas should check every coffee for a temperature range of 190ºF to 205ºF. Consistent temperature can help keep your coffee products tasting great.

Brewing Scale

Making a great cup of coffee or espresso is more than just knowing how to make coffee; it’s knowing how to make balanced coffee. The ratio between water and coffee affects the final flavor and strength of your product.

This makes a brewing scale one of the essential barista supplies. Instead of visualizing the right ratios, a scale removes the guesswork. This prevents problems with consistency and can identify user errors affecting the flavor.

Coffee Brewer

While espresso is one of the most popular items, a quality coffee brewer is still an essential piece of coffee shop equipment. Like espresso machines, the best coffee brewers produce consistent temperature.

Part of owning a coffee shop is worrying about machines that break or rust. High-quality brewing machines are built to last much longer than other models. It’s important to spend more upfront so you can save later.

Coffee Roaster

Most coffee shops buy their supply of coffee beans from coffee roasters, which cuts down on the equipment they need to invest in. However, if owning a coffee shop that’s successful is your goal, you need to innovate.

More and more coffee shops are starting to see the benefits of roasting coffee beans in-house. Roasting the beans themselves allows them to offer more varieties and attract the interest of potential customers.

Cleaning Tools

Clean equipment and tools are essential for good-tasting coffee. This makes the right cleaning tools essential barista tools.

When making a coffee shop equipment list, be sure to include a coffee grinder brush, a cleaning cloth, and equipment cleaning solutions/tablets.

Knock Box

While a knock box doesn’t affect the taste of your coffee, it can make a barista’s job easier. A knock box allows the barista to store spent coffee grounds until they’re able to properly dispose of them.

This is a great tool for composting but also helps prevent issues with plumbing. Coffee grounds don’t break down in the water and can clump together in your pipes, causing blockages.

Frothing Pitchers

Owning a coffee shop means finding ways to set yourself apart from competitors. One way of achieving this is through the right frothing pitchers. A frothing pitcher is used to produce micro-foam in the milk.

A frothing pitcher can also help with creating latte art. Having the right spout on a frothing pitcher can give you more control over the milk distribution, which is important in creating smooth foam and intricate designs.

Proper Storage

A list of barista tools is incomplete without proper storage. In a coffee shop, storage not only helps your products last longer but also makes your employee’s jobs easier.

Plus, barista supplies that improve efficiency can result in higher revenue. Some coffee shop equipment worth considering includes dispenser pumps and flip-top containers for quick and easy access that’s still secure.

How the Wrong Tools Affect Your Coffee

While the above list includes the most important barista supplies, it’s important to understand why they’re so important. It’s not just about being professional; it’s about creating great-tasting coffee.

Inconsistent Temperature

A quality coffee or espresso machine needs to maintain a consistent temperature. Temperatures that are too low prevent all of the flavors from being extracted from the coffee grounds. This results in weak-tasting coffee.

Water that is too hot affects the natural oils in the beans. This can make coffee taste bitter and mute the flavors. Staying within the correct temperature range helps maintain these natural flavors and characteristics.

Improper Grind Size

You need a grinder with adjustable settings to get the perfect grind each time. Low-quality grinders aren’t able to produce a consistent grind size. Coffee grounds that are too large or small can affect flavor quality.

Coffee grounds that are too large result in under extraction, which means weak and sour coffee. Coffee grounds that are too small are over-extracted and become bitter.

Dirty Equipment

It doesn’t matter if you know how to make coffee if you have dirty equipment. Dirty equipment leads to a buildup of old coffee residue, which can add a burnt taste to your coffee.

The best tools and techniques can’t save coffee from a dirty machine. Be sure to invest in the right cleaning equipment and establish a cleaning schedule. Enforcement and accountability are key here.

Get the Right Barista Tools

The right barista tools can improve the flavor of your coffee, make your employee’s jobs easier, and increase your revenue. Use the above guide to start building your coffee shop equipment list.

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