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Awesome Rakshabandhan Surprise For Your Sister In Bangalore

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most auspicious days to celebrate the immortal bond of love and responsibility between brother and sister.

The term Raksha Bandhan simply means the “tie or knot of protection” and it is an ancient Hindu festival.

The sister expresses her love and wishes for her brother’s well-being by performing a Rakhi ceremony. In return the brother pledges to protect and take good care of his sister and also gives a present to his sister to express his love towards her.

This festival is mainly celebrated to cherish the sister-brother relationship. Here are 5 nice Rakhi return gifts that a you as a brother can give your sister:

  1. Books: If your sister is a book worm, gifting her a book written by her favorite author could be a nice gift idea. Make sure the book you are going to present her, she had never read this book before. You should know what type of books your sister likes to read. Go to the book store and buy the book for her and give the book with a cute stationary and your sister would just love it for sure.

Image Courtesy: prettybooks.co.uk

  1. Shopping voucher: Most of the girls are shopping freaks. You just can’t deny this fact. If you give a shopping voucher from a famous brand to your sister, she will jump with joy. Instead of gifting her with cloths and accessories you should gift her shopping voucher because it gives the flexibility to your sister to shop with complete freedom.

Image Courtesy: kidspass.co.uk

  1. Holiday: Who doesn’t want to spend a quality holiday time? Holidays are the best thing that can happen to someone’s life. Make a nice holiday time in hills or beach with your family or design a short holiday plan your sister along with her close friends. This special gift will definitely make memories for a life time.

Image Courtesy: oase-im-steigerwald.de

  1. Jewelry: Don’t forget Jewelries are the best friend of women and gifting your sister with nice designs of jewelries would definitely be a best gift for her. If you do not have that sufficient budget to gift a diamond jewelry to your sister, you can also gift her some excellent designs of costume jewelries.

Image Courtesy: Internet

  1. Cakes: Cakes are the inevitable part of any occasion and without cake an occasion is incomplete. if your sister loves cakes, gifting a very luscious cake is always a smart idea. If you sister is staying in Bangalore (India), you can easily opt for online cake delivery in Bangalore.

  1. Gadget: Gone are those day when you could do away just by giving a chocolate to your sister. This is the gadget era . If you gift her a nice gadget of her choice, your sister will adore it for a life time.

So, these are some Rakhi return gifts you can give your sister on this auspicious occasion. Apart from this, you can also take her out for dinner or lunch at her favourite restaurant. Alternatively, you can just tell her how important she is to you and for your family.


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