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Are You Optimizing Your MLB Fantasy Picks?

Summer is (thankfully) upon us, and that means that the MLB season is starting to heat up right along with the thermometer. It’s still early to project results for the season in terms of overall records and individual performances, but it may be time to switch up the playbook on your MLB Fantasy Picks.

Fantasy sports has become a multi-million dollar industry in North America alone, and that’s not taking into account the money spent on draft parties, dinner, drinks, league fees between friends, etc.

While sports betting is not yet legal in most states, friendly competition in Fantasy Sports is generally recognized as a non-profit, handshake social arrangement.

So, baseball fans…are you ready to make some extra cash (or at least shame your buddies) by optimizing your MLB Fantasy Picks?

MLB Fantasy Picks are Unpredictable

Like many things in life, fantasy baseball is going to give you as much as you put into it. Docs MLB Picks is usually one of the better sites to check out if you need some guidance on your daily fantasy baseball lineup. If you’re willing to set your lineup every morning based on matchups for that specific day, good for you.

If you’re an adult with a busy schedule and you remember on Sundays to set your lineup for the following week, that’s almost as good. But then what about late injury scratches? Lineup changes and trades?

Look, fantasy baseball is drastically different from other fantasy sports. It’s such an unpredictable game because “real life” baseball is an individual sport and a team sport all rolled into one. Bizarre records are set regularly!

At any rate, the point is – if you want to optimize your MLB fantasy picks, you’re going to need to stay up to speed on baseball news on a nearly daily basis.

On to strategy…

What Are Your League’s Scoring Rules?

Here’s where the numbers start to bog folks down. Is it a Roto league? Head to head?

You’ve got to know the scoring rules for your specific league to have any chance at capitalizing on your baseball analytics expertise.

Take a look at how many starts per pitcher are allowed per week. Are defensive errors scored negatively? Is WHIP a thing in terms of a pitcher’s scoring?

Stay Away From Sentimental Picks and Big Names

Listen up, especially if you’re one of those awful die-hard Boston Red Sox fans. Is your favorite player ever Dustin Pedroia? A former Rookie of the Year and AL MVP, he would’ve dive-bombed any team that kept him over the last two or three years of his career.

The keyword here is “fantasy,” folks. This isn’t real life – it’s all dictated by numbers. You’re going to be much better served thinking like a financial advisor than a baseball fan.

It’s all about mitigating risk and mining for reward. Pedroia is a bit of a dated example, so let’s look at the new Sawx second baseman:

Trevor Story

He is currently batting at a career-low average, striking out a ton, and generally not looking like the same masher he was as a member of the Colorado Rockies. Could he fall victim to the learning curve of moving out of Coors Field? Definitely, something to keep an eye on.

Aging Legends: Pujols, Cabrera, Etc.

It’s really hard not to get caught up in the sentimentality of hanging on to a sure-fire Hall Of Famer on your fantasy roster, especially when you have two of the greatest hitters of all-time still collecting checks – did anyone else see Albert Pujols pitch the other night, by the way?

Miggy is a Triple-Crown winner, arguably a top-5 ballplayer in the history of the game. Mother Nature is undefeated, as they say. Injuries have taken their toll on both of these iconic sluggers, making both of them streaming plug-in players at best.

Go Where the Math Takes You

Look, we get it – bringing advanced baseball analytics into fantasy sports isn’t exactly the most fun part of sports betting, but it is an absolutely vital category in your playbook. “SABRmetrics” are your friend, whether you want to admit it or not. Here are some of the best examples in 2022:

Corbin Burnes

Here is a prime example – someone named Corbin Burnes currently ranks higher in points than names like Max Scherzer, Blake Snell, Clayton Kershaw, Walker Buehler, and several other big-time pitchers. Besides, he plays for some team in Milwaukee. Who watches Milwaukee games outside of…well…Milwaukee?

The point here is to again demonstrate the need to focus on performance and numbers instead of names and reputation – and to maybe poke a little fun at Brew Crew fans.

Giancarlo Stanton

Few things in life make folks happier than seeing high-priced Yankees stink it up. Next to getting married and the births of many Red Sox fans’ children, offloading Jacoby Ellsbury to the Bronx Bombers for a ridiculous amount of money was one of the best events that they can remember.

Stanton is no different. A beast of a man and once one of – if not the – most feared slugger in the game, he has become a really expensive roll of human gauze (here’s lookin’ at you too, Chris Sale) since signing with the Yanks.

Stanton is currently ranked as the 37th-best outfielder in the game. Not the 37th-best player – the 37th-best outfielder. Did we mention that it’s not a good idea to choose your MLB fantasy picks by name alone?

Do the Research and Ask the Experts

Stay away from big names and players or teams that may tug on your heartstrings. That much is plain and simple when it comes to fantasy baseball. Make sure that you’re checking with Doc’s Sports regularly if you can’t keep up on sports betting or in-depth analytics on your own.

Did this article knock it out of the park? if so, take a spoon around the rest of the site and learn more about baseball analytics and sports betting.

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