Are You a Storyteller? What are Your Options?

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Writing can be a satisfying activity, but it can develop into a passion. It speaks volumes of a person’s thought process, imagination, and creativity. It is more than making cohesive sentences and being grammatically correct. Writing allows you to tell the world what is going through your mind, translating your imagination into words. In short, you are telling a story. It doesn’t matter if you are doing it for marketing strategies in a business, producing content, or creating entertainment. The writer remains in your blood.

Writing as a profession can be challenging, especially when you receive briefs and instructions to create something. You are the author, but it is not your story. But you can take advantage of your free time to work on your masterpiece. However, there is a chance you can turn your habit or passion for storytelling into a profitable career. It can be challenging to reach the levels of authors like J.K. Rowling or J.R.R. Tolkien, but they all started in your current state: talent and a dream.

Identify Your Niche

Telling a story comes in many forms. It can be a long novel that could potentially lead to a series of books. It could be a short story that you want to share with your friends on social media. Well-researched blog posts are also satisfying opportunities to showcase your creativity and passion. Poems, haiku, essays, visual content, and other forms are excellent ways to tell a story.

While it is essential to learn many writing styles, it can be challenging to grow when your thoughts and ideas are all over the place. Identifying your niche could help you create a narrower path to growth, allowing you to enjoy and improve storytelling abilities. It might be slower than trying to learn everything at once, but it removes the distractions that could impede your journey to success.

What Is Your End Goal?

There is nothing better than finishing your story and feeling satisfied with the results. The multiple hours and resources you exhausted will come to fruition, leaving you with a book or a page, depending on your writing style. However, that leaves you with a product you might not know how to share with the world or another audience. It is necessary to figure out what you want to do with your story. Is it for expression, to share your creativity with others? Is it for business, helping you reach best-selling heights that your favorite authors achieved? Identifying your end goal allows you to determine the next steps you have to take.

Online Opportunities or Publication?

There are so many options for writers to try, especially when it comes to publication. Having your stories published is the end goal, being recognized as an official professional writer. While you might have to think about self-publishing versus traditional publishing, both ways can be profitable.

However, the digital age opens up more paths to explore. Research studies, journals, blog posts, and story content are popular online, especially from established sites. The payment per click could reach through the roof, and a few organizations are willing to pay upfront for a story, particularly for current and true-to-life events. Online opportunities are contending with publications, especially as the world continues to move towards the digital age.

Another path is content creation, which extends storytelling abilities to social media platforms. Those sites are the most visited web pages, making them profitable opportunities for a writer. However, it can be competitive, especially when facing other established authors of the same genre or study. But it is a long path that allows you to grow and improve in every area possible.

Is Entertainment an Option?

Content creation is starting to become a trending way of storytelling, especially as the digital age progresses. Younger generations of writers pursue it, coupled with audio-visual elements that make it more entertaining to people. Isn’t that what storytelling is all about? All ways of writing lead to that, even when they are on the academic or news subjects. Movies, television series, short YouTube clips, TikTok posts, news programs, and other entertainment pieces start with someone drafting a story behind the scenes.

Content creators are rising, especially as the pandemic continues to force people to isolate themselves at home. Writers will find that it can be a profitable opportunity, but it is necessary to develop a game plan.

There are many ways for a writer to make a profit out of their expertise. However, the journey to success comes with many errors, failures, self-doubts, and hardships. Pushing through those can be taxing, and it might take multiple attempts. However, your passion for writing should never waver, even if your efforts lead you to just being able to do what you love.

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