Are You a Hoarder? Here Are the Undisputed Signs

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The idea of hoarding is almost unfathomable to most. So often, we complain about having too much stuff or how cleaning our homes is never-ending. To think that the issue is so much bigger with some people can be a harsh reality.

But what are the signs that you’re living with a hoarder? How do you know if the clutter in your home isn’t just bad manners or laziness but something that’s a threat to your health?

If you’re wondering if you’re living with a hoarder or maybe a hoarder yourself, read on to find the common signs.

Compulsive Buying Behaviors

Compulsive buying behaviors can be a sign of hoarding tendencies. As it is often rooted in the same underlying need for control and security.

People suffering from compulsive buying may struggle with a fear of not having items they might need in the future. They feel safer with a large collection of possessions.

They may find temporary relief from negative emotions through the buying of items, like hoarding behaviors. This often leads to the purchasing of unneeded items in large amounts and excessive clutter in the home.

Inability to Throw Away Items

Hoarders may find it difficult to differentiate between personal items that are valuable and items that can be thrown away. Even if those items are broken or dirty. The items may be sentimental or represent something that they don’t want to part with.

Many times this could be a fear of making the wrong decision or fear of letting something go that could be useful later on. They may have difficulty recognizing the true value of items and instead focus on their imagined, often inflated, value to them.

Inability to Use Vital Areas of the Home Due to Clutter

This can range from not being able to walk around the living room due to piles of debris. Or not being able to use a fridge or range in the kitchen because of being overfilled with junk or clutter. Bathroom and bedroom areas are particularly prone to this, as these are often the smallest spaces in the home and can get the most packed with junk.

Rooms that have multiple uses, for example, the living room doubling as a bedroom, can sometimes be too packed with furniture and clutter to use in the way it was intended.

If you have been feeling these signs, it is time to take action and start your search for household storage. Storage units can help organize and clear out homes giving manageable space for possessions and creating a calmer environment.

Avoiding Inviting Visitors Into the Home

If a person is surrounded by clutter and disorganized items, they will not want anyone to see the mess and this could be a way to cover up the embarrassment. The reluctance to invite visitors into their homes could also mean they are ashamed of their compulsive hoarding and are worried about being judged or criticized.

Being a hoarder can negatively affect one’s quality of life, and seeking help is always recommended if the compulsive behavior has become uncontrollable.

So, are You a Hoarder?

If you think you may be a hoarder, consider reaching out to a mental health professional. Don’t let your items control your life. Address the issue sooner rather than later and take back control of your environment.

The first step to doing this is acknowledging the issue. Ask yourself, “Am I a hoarder?”

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