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Are Graduation Rings Worth It?

Graduation is the culmination of hard work, dedication, and aspirations for the future. Unfortunately, the entire experience can pass by quicker than we expect. Graduation rings have served as an eye-catching way to commemorate the event, to immortalize the memories.

Class rings are more than a decorative item, though. They are a piece of jewelry with a long and storied history that became a celebrated tradition.

The question of whether or not graduation rings are worth it is more involved than a decision about monetary value. Let’s take a look and see exactly why.

History and Tradition

Some people may accuse long-standing traditions of being unnecessary, or outdated. In the case of class rings, the same accusations don’t apply. Graduation ceremonies are still alive and well, celebrated to this day, and rings are a timeless way to remember them.

Among all of the mementos, class rings stand alone in terms of their long-lasting tradition. Their inception stretches back to 1835, at the West Point Military Academy.

At one time, each ring underwent personal customization for the graduate. Today, there is a more uniform approach to the design. Though the standards may have changed, the core concept remains the same.

If bringing a prized tradition to the modern youth is of interest to you, then graduation rings will be worth their cost.

An Heirloom Item

One area that it’s vital to touch on is how much the ring will increase in value. Limited memorabilia is always a big hit with collectors.

That doesn’t mean you will sell it, but it does mean that you’ll have something which retains its worth.

You could have multiple generations worth of class rings celebrating graduation from the same school. At this point, it transcends being a historical tradition, into being a familial one.

Fair Price Point for Graduation Rings

An issue for many is the fact that expensive rings are the only option presented to them. This is due to the manufacturer that the school opts to use. It’s not the only option, however.

If you have all of the required information that a manufacturer needs to make rings, you can provide it to them for your custom creation. You can get cheap rings this way, with no loss in quality.

The same applies if you want something more lavish and personal. Since a school will mass-produce the rings, a customized piece of jewelry can be a far more meaningful way to remember graduation.

You can click for more information on this, to see if a custom-ordered graduation ring is worth it to you.

A Gift to Your Future Self

If you’re unsure about needing graduation rings right now, consider the future. It’s a gift to your future self, something that you can look back on in ten years and reminisce.

It’s also a talking point, something to bond over with fellow graduates of the same school. You never know who you might bump into who also has a class ring.

If you’re interested in more ways to enrich your future, read more of the articles on our blog. We’ve got a lifestyle section that’s sure to pique your interest, as well as much more.

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