cubicles better than offices

Are cubicles better than offices?

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“Are cubicles better than offices?” is a common question that is asked among employees, recruiters, and business owners. The answer is complicated. It depends on your situation. There are certainly advantages to both, so it’s important to understand where each one stands. Click here for help on how to best layout your office.

If you’re a salesperson or customer service representative, you’ll find yourself spending much of your time in a cubicle. You have limited space, there’s no privacy, you have to deal with other people, and everything is done in a fast-paced environment. While these things do tend to make people feel more like workers, they can also lead to people feeling more trapped and frustrated at their job than they would in an actual office setting.

On the positive side, cubicles keep you from feeling isolated and allow you to focus on the task at hand. They let you stay organized and focused. However, if you work in an office setting, chances are you’ll be interacting with much more people, which can increase your exposure to irritants such as noise and stress. In addition, you’ll have less privacy since all of your colleagues will be looking at you and staring at the computer. All of these things can make it difficult to concentrate and get work done.

If you’re a teacher or tutor, you probably spend a lot of time in a classroom. You teach and guide students in a controlled environment, allowing you to teach without interference and to give instructions from a comfortable distance. But some distance may not be enough to allow you to concentrate on what you need to do. For this reason, most classrooms have large open areas that work much like cubicles, allowing for a great deal more privacy and quiet.

If you’re an artist or painter, then you probably spend much of your time in a studio. In a traditional setting, you’d have to paint in small sections, perhaps over an area of one square foot. But studio cubicles allow you much more space to spread out and paint in all directions. Plus, the larger sizes of the studios make them ideal places to store supplies and instruments.

If you answer “yes” to the question above, cubicles are probably better than offices for you. If you’re still undecided, try one. Or, go for the opposite: If you find yourself spending most of your time in cubicles, then maybe you should get into the office! After all, you know how much more productive you can be when working in a structured environment.

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