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How to set yourself apart from the crowd when going in for an interview

corporate controller jobs 

Many job seekers make the interview process more complicated than necessary, causing unnecessary stress.  When in reality they should simply concentrate on the basics of interview etiquette   Below are some pointers that will help you set yourself apart from the crowd for corporate controller jobs and others accounting and finance job interviews:

  • Interviewers do not want to know about your weaknesses, rather they wish to see your self-awareness.

What are your weaknesses? How can you possibly answer this? Well, the recruiter doesn’t want you to actually list your foibles and weaknesses. What they want to see is your self-awareness and capability to learn and grow. So, pick a weakness for which you have a strategy to overcome.

  • Make a mind map, if you are struggling to answer competency questions

Describing your core competencies may be tough especially when you are on the spot. However, we have innovative ideas which you can use to answer such questions with confidence. Brainstorm in advance on paper. List your competencies in the middle of the page and think about the times you have utilized them in your career.

  • Speak to professionals in your field

Preparation will make you stand out.  Make sure you know the objective of the company and your role in it.  Speak to people who work in your field of interest. The more knowledge you have of the industry, the more confidently you can answer the related questions.

  • Ask smart questions

Questions are your opportunity to demonstrate your intelligence and sell yourself. Ask questions which display your strategic thinking. Customize your questions to the company that you are applying with.

  • Be the master of the spotlight procedure to win your interview

The spotlight procedure is a program taught to the interviewers to help them sound professional when answering or asking a question. For this procedure, you should handwrite your replies while preparing as you say it out loud. Keep your tone natural without worrying about punctuations. Question yourself one by one and answer from your memory. Write down your answers. This technique will help you remember them for a longer time and allow you deliver your answers naturally without any hesitation.

Hopefully these tips will help you be more confident and head clear during your next job interview.

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