Sung Eun Choi

An Interview with Sung Eun Choi

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Sung Eun Choi

Rapper and New Age musician is Sung Eun Choi’s hot interview. Sung Eun Choi is active in various genres such as hip-hop and New Age. He says he is communicating with many fans by playing various genres of music and wants to become a source of vitality and energy in the future.

Sung Eun Choi approaching fans with addictive and popular music.

This is an interview with him.

Interviewer: What is the most important thing in making music?

Sung Eun Choi: Popular music that many people can easily and comfortably come to. And aimed at making the Listener feel happy.Interviewer: If you could explain in detail your music style,

Sung Eun Choi: It’s not hard to listen to, it’s also my New Age and popular hip-hop, which is as accessible as popular pop singers. His music style is not pure, but close to the enterprise, so I hope many people will want to listen and enjoy it.

Interviewer: If you define your genre of hip-hop,

Sung Eun Choi: It can be said that whatever you draw on a piece of paper, you can fill it up one by one.

Interviewer: Please explain about your New Age music.

Sung Eun Choi: My New Age music (Sad Piano, Ace New Age) is easy, addictive and popular. Once you hear it, you’ll hear it and you’ll want to hear it again.

Interviewer: I know you rap and sing. Is there anyone who is a role model?

Sung Eun Choi: The vocal and musical styles of Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson are good and influenced. I was influenced by many other pop stars.

Interviewer: What do you explain about the future of indie music?

Sung Eun Choi: Now the concept of indie over and so on is gone, and many indie singers are also loved and on the charts. The two concepts will be much more torn down in the future, but there is still a distinction. Indie artists will have to work harder.

Interviewer: Tell me about your dreams and goals in the future.

Sung Eun Choi: I want to be loved as a better singer by working with many people in the future.

The final goal is to enter Billboard.

Interviewer: Lastly, do you have anything you want to say to your fans?

Sung Eun Choi: Thank you all the time and I’m going to do better music from now on, so please watch and love me.

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