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An Extremely Hot Living Room Is No Living Room At All

You see, while we are huge fans of summer and the countless memories we end up making with every fun activity and gimmick we partake in, the heat that comes with it is a bonus we strongly wished didn’t arrive with the package. And while we fully understand that it’s just all part of the cycle of the season after season, we’d much rather plan any activities when the heat isn’t as relentless.

What’s worse, those just wanting to chill at home and lounge on the living room couch don’t even get a break from sweating buckets every single day because it’s the one room at home that almost feels excruciatingly hotter than anywhere else. And so, today, we’ll be learning just why living rooms tend to be so hot and what you can do to resolve this issue and restore balance to your couch time.

It’s A Common Area For A Reason

Firstly, we can’t forget the fact that the living room is the home’s common area, and while it’s the best place to discuss with friends and family the recent cast reveal for Netflix’s live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender, more foot traffic does result in hotter temperatures. Furthermore, most living room layouts embrace the sunlight and let as much of it in through the windows, which is also guilty of making heat levels go crazy.

  • More People Means More Obstructions: If you normally have three or more people simultaneously chilling in the living room and moving about, then don’t expect it to be as cool as you’d like. People constantly moving to and from places obstructs the natural flow of air, and if you add very loud talking and conversations to the mix, the heat will undoubtedly get you.
  • Windows Left, Right, And Center: Most traditionally-designed homes tend to feature numerous adjacent windows in their living rooms, and while this looks great from both outside and inside, the presence of multiple windows makes the space hotter than usual. Plus, if you’re the type to keep everything closed but leave the blinds open, then don’t expect the place to be cooler.

You Might Have A Compromised HVAC System

Secondly, ventilation plays a crucial role in managing the overall airflow of a home, and because cool air heavily relies on the HVAC system to work properly, a compromised one is often the culprit as to why multiple rooms feel hotter than usual. As a result, if you have a broken air-conditioner needing repairs or exit vents that haven’t been cleaned in a while, then you know just what to blame for the heat.

  • Dirty Air Ducts Restricting Air Flow: Air ducts and vents play the essential role of circulating air from one room to another, and with its help, every part of the house gets to enjoy some cool air. However, if they’re quite dirty and haven’t seen any cleaning as of recent, then this can get in the way of air circulation. In addition to this, dirty air ducts also pose a health risk because they carry bacteria and germs.
  • Poor Insulation Causes Cool Air To Escape: Insulation helps prevent the cool air from escaping, but if you have poor insulation like windows that don’t fit perfectly, then any cool air inside will gradually flow out through these channels. Furthermore, if the insulation inside the walls hasn’t been checked on for quite some time, now’s the best opportunity to do so.

However, A Few Simple Fixes Can Help Astronomically

Despite how bad and annoying the heat can get, a few simple fixes here and there can go a long way in making a living room feel ten times cooler. And while the results depend on the size of your living room and what fixes you have access to, we can guarantee at least one of the three suggestions to fit your bill.

  • Creating A Cross Breeze: As the name suggests, creating a cross breeze means having air go inside from one window of the room and out the other, which can be easily maneuvered with the help of a fan. Of course, we won’t hide the fact that this often works best at night when the air is naturally cooler, but any bit helps with the right mindset.
  • Avoid Overusing Kitchen Appliances: We know how tempting it can be to cook up a storm once you’ve got the stove running, and with a laundry list of recipes to try like spicy buffalo wings and delicious carbonara, you’ll find no end to your cookbook. However, these kitchen appliances generate a lot of heat, and that’s not considering the number of plates the dishwasher will have to clean. So, try not to overuse any kitchen appliances whenever possible because kitchens are often directly beside your living room.

Living Rooms Should Be Kept Cool During Summer

Overall, we strongly believe living rooms should be kept cool during summer because there’s no better place to hang around with friends or share a good time with family. So, feel free to try out all the fixes mentioned above and tweak them in whatever ways you deem necessary.

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