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An Expecting Mother (And A Bridesmaid At The Same Time?) Here’s How To Select Your Dress

Congratulations, you are celebrating an amazing event in your life – a little angel beating inside your womb. But, you may find it quite challenging as you will be one of those bridesmaids to witness a special event. How to choose the right bridesmaid dress?

Whether you’d like to wear vintage style bridesmaid dresses or a strapless bridesmaid dresses, don’t be alarmed because these days you can find tons of dazzling maternity dresses to choose from.

Here are a few important tips for the pregnant bridesmaid that can help you:

  • Measurement

When dress shopping, a personal shopper will usually take your waist, hip and bust measurement. For pregnant women, shoppers only take the hip and burst measurement, and must add on some inches for future growth.

  • Opt for a soft fabric

Soon-to-be mothers and bridesmaids at the same time should consider choosing a soft fabric for their dress. A bobbinet or chiffon is a good choice as it flows your body away for a comfortable movement.

  • Consider empire waist

So far, empire waist dresses are the most flattering maternity bridesmaid style. The good thing about this dress is that, the boning ends under then bust offers support while allowing enough room for a growing belly.

  • Support group

The dress of your choice must have a good built-in support bra to have room for your changing figure. This is specifically crucial for bandeau or strapless style dresses.

  • Dress with a maternity panel

If you’re still getting through the first twelve weeks of your pregnancy in the wedding, then choose an ordinary dress and add a maternity panel from similar fabric. This is also ideal if your pregnancy is found out after purchasing the dress.

  • A-line dresses

The shape of the A-line dress broadens at the edge and is narrower at the top, which resembles the letter A. This dress flatters all types of body, including pregnant women. Also, it decreases the amount of your lower body, which is particularly beneficial is you don’t want to put emphasis on your tummy.

  • Be in harmony with the bride and the theme

Many nuptials have theme and use particular color schemes. To fit the theme, you are advised to confer the colors with the bride. The bride may both pick a color and then let the bridesmaids choose the dresses that flatter their personality, or choose similar style but the dresses vary in colors. The dresses might even differ both in color and style. These options offer better doorway for pregnant women to find the perfect fit for their growing belly.

With so many available options for long bridesmaid dresses, you won’t have any reason not to accept your role as the bridesmaid. These dresses provide you with the needed support and make you look dazzling. You can discuss your wishes and needs for a bridesmaid dress so you can be stylish and comfortable during the wedding day.

Finding a dress should not be a painful task. Remember, you’re carrying someone down there. So, always consider comfortability over style. After all, you can always ask help/modifications from the designer.

Make sure to consider these helpful tips in mind to make you feel confident and comfortable throughout the bridal ceremony of your friend!

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