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All about Foods That You Can Eat at Montreal

Montreal is one of the well-known city of Canadian province of Quebec where you can find the combination of old-tradition and innovation. There is a mix of diverse cultures, languages and variety of cuisine that you cannot find anywhere else in North America. In Montreal, in every photograph you will find a story and every story is really very beautiful one.

Let us take a little food tour Montréal and see what you can get when you arrive in this city of Canada.

  • Bagels

Every resident of Montreal will swear by their own Bagels that if you compare with its cousin in New York then you will find them much smaller and denser. The bagel that you get in Montreal is wood-fired and most of the food joints will do the baking in the seating area. So, just take a seat near the oven which is flame filled during any winter evening. Some of the big names for bagel in Montreal are Fairmount Bagel and St-Viateur Bagel.

  • Shish Taouk

Shish Taouk is a kind of street-meat staple in Montreal. Here it is slightly modified by using chicken shawarma where boneless chicken, hummus and veggies are used. Therefore, sometime there can be little confusion while naming the dish. Shish taouk and shawarma at few places may mean different thing. If you just ask for shawarma, then you will be served with beef.

  • Smoked meat sandwich

Sandwiches of Montreal may have certain similarities with New York’s deli specialty, however there are differences in the spices used and the process to cure beef. Flavor is also a bit different. Schwartz’s has been serving this sandwich since 1928 and it has not changed its location too.

  • Couscous

There are plenty of French population present in Canada and as a result, lots of French cuisine can be seen at Montreal too. In the couscous of Montreal, you will also find the specialties of Tunisian, Moroccan and Algerian as well.

In addition to all these Haitian Tassot that is made with beef or goat meat is also quite popular Haitian dish in Montreal.

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