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Alarming Signs You Should Move on From Your Job

There’s no such thing as a perfect job. While we all struggle to meet the daily work demands, we still do our best to find motivation in our work routine. But if things go overboard and bad days become a part of everyday work, then it’s time to consider your options.

People leave their jobs for various reasons, whether it’s about job burnout, loss of purpose, unreasonable deadlines, and demanding bosses. Often, burnouts lead to adverse effects on our health. It often starts from chronic fatigue that leads to many health problems, such as stress, depression, and physical symptoms.

Quitting a job doesn’t need a lot of reasons. Your job should allow you to grow as an individual while enjoying a healthy work environment. When bad days at work becomes a regular pattern, then there might be an underlying problem. So if you’re looking for a sign of whether you should submit that resignation notice, here are some clear signs why you should quit your job.

There’s no room for growth

Not all employees feel bothered about having full workloads. They like it when their bosses assign an important responsibility, as it gives them a feeling of being trusted and valued. If the work becomes too easy, presents no challenges, offers no room for learning or growth, or simply doesn’t interest them anymore, then it might be a good time to move to a new job that offers sufficiently challenging responsibilities.

Before turning in that two-week notice, ask yourself if you’ve done a recently challenging task at work. If you can’t think of anything, then you’re likely stuck at a job that’s too comfortable but deadly to your career. Having a sense of accomplishment is tied to a rewarding and healthy work experience.

If there’s no forward momentum and confidence in your tasks and personal development, we become less productive at work. It leads to further damage in your career, which can hinder you from discovering other opportunities.

Another reason for the loss of job growth is the lack of role models and mentors. They may be ill-equipped or short in supply. Employers should act as role models to inspire employees to do their best. Without it, employees are more likely to seek other opportunities to learn and grow in their careers.

The job is affecting your health

Work is naturally taxing, and there will be moments when you feel exhausted after a hard day’s work. But if your work offers no time to relax and unwind, then your job is more likely to affect your overall health.

One of its first signs is venting about the job more frequently than before, causing you physical stress, chronic fatigue, and burnout. As months go by, your job has already tormented you with body aches, sleepless nights, and other stress symptoms. Eventually, your sick days keep adding up. If you’re suffering from any of these signs, then you’re probably working in a toxic work environment.

As an employee, you should know when you’re working to your fullest potential and when you’re struggling. Work can be our passion and purpose, but it shouldn’t cost our health and life. Even if you love your job, but feel physically and emotionally drained most times, then it might be a great time to move on.

You’re working at a toxic workplace

Some people aren’t just lucky to work in a warm, welcoming work environment. Others often suffer from the looming dread of Monday mornings that gives them a mixture of negative emotions from being sad, terrified, and angry as they walk towards their office.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to know a toxic workplace or manager right away, but it only takes a few weeks or even days to see the clear signs. A toxic work environment creates a negative work setting, where employees get constantly ridiculed or mistreated. Often, mistreatments at work are tied to poor leadership and communication that affects employee morale.

Considering the number of hours you spent in your job, it’s difficult to stay in a poor environment that makes your job even more difficult. If you’ve already talked to your manager about your situation and there’s no action coming from them, then it’s better to get out of that place ASAP.

Quitting a job is something you shouldn’t feel ashamed of. Aside from what we listed above, there are plenty of signs to quit a job and no reason is more important than another. If you think your work has affected your physical and mental well-being, it’s time to take a step back to evaluate the situation and choose the path you think is best for you.

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