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Advices to the USA Tourists at Wheel: How to Behave On the Road

Travelling by car using USA car rental, undoubtedly, will bring a burning drive and lots of adventure, because American roads are not only perfectly smooth, but the views that open to travelers along the way are truly magical. Here are few tips about moving around USA for your trip to be on the highest level:

Traffic rules

Just bear in mind that the US consists of 50 states that can adopt their own laws, including those relating to traffic rules. Differences in the rules are also within the same state, for example, in the state of New York, turning to the right for a red traffic signal is allowed, but in the city of New York, it is forbidden. Near the renting offices in New York airports, there are even the appropriate information signs, which is very convenient.

Rent a Car

The first task that tourists must do is to rent a car in United States. It can be ordered directly on the website or at the airport. But still, you should look into the legislation of a particular state, where you are going to take a car – probably, you will need international rights.

What to take with you on the road

Take with you, buy, install in your smartphone or rent a GPS-navigator. Online maps – this is an integral part of the auto travel, which will save you from accidental turning wrong.

Toll roads

Select from your budget a certain amount of cash for toll roads, bridges and tunnels. Please note that some cars are equipped with an automatic payment of fees EZ pass (in the eastern part, for example) and for them in some areas are allocated special roads.

Traffic jams

When planning a trip in America, consider the existence of the traffic jams. Remember that when driving past large cities, you can easily get into a traffic jam, especially if it’s peak hours, the end or the beginning of a long weekend.

Pay attention to the “useful signs”

Information about them can be indicated in printed maps or on the Internet. For example, there are Rest Areas and Service Areas signs. The first concerns a place where you can walk and have a bite with sandwiches. Service Areas is all the same plus a few eateries.


If your way goes through sparsely populated areas, refueling can be rare. Refill the tank as soon as it is empty in half – just to not be nervous in vain. Generally, in all offices of car rental in USA the car is given with already full tank. Note that you must return it being full also!

Parking zones

Parking requirements can vary insignificantly from state to state, and. But the general rules and requirements are the same everywhere.  You can immediately determine whether you can park or not by the color of the curb:

  • Red – parking and stopping is forbidden;
  • White – stop for getting in/off the passengers;
  • Yellow – a short stop at the time indicated on the sign for getting in/off people;
  • Green – parking for a limited time;
  • Blue – parking place for the disabled.

Color markings may vary in different states, but usually red and blue are common to all.

General requirements on the traffic

The movement in the US, like in most other countries, is a right-handed. If you do not know how to behave on a particular section of the road, just look at the rest drivers and do at the same way. We wish you trouble-less movement!

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