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Advantages To Create Your Own Online Course

Own Online Course

There are many ways to make money.

In the past and even now, we do the work offline, i.e. physically at a pre-agreed place. Now there are many different ways where we don’t have to be at a specific”location” when working. Usually we would call it work remotely or make money online.

The more familiar ways of working

Let’s talk about the ways of working that are standard and people are more familiar with.

Traditionally, we rely on working at some places, usually in factories or offices. The factories, offices or the physical location of work is the place that is provided by your employers. This would mean people working in those places for those jobs are required to be physically located in the factories or offices during their daily operations.

An improved and better version of working is “remote work”. This is when you are working for some employers. The difference of this scenario to the previous traditional way of working is that you don’t see your employer(s) face-to-face on a daily basis. In fact, you may not even see your peer workers face-to-face on a daily basis. In some jobs of this remote nature, you may be working with a team of 3 other people. After a year of working with them on various long term and short term projects, you may end up having not seen them in real life at all. The closest you could have got to your peer workers could well be their social media profile photos, or their voices when speaking with them over some Skype calls.

Starting something new

When you have gathered many years of experience working in a single field or industry, then you may be one of those experts who could actually pass on your valuable knowledge to someone else who wants to learn from you. But how would you go about doing that?

Write and publish an online course. That’s the approach you could take. The advantage is that the online course doesn’t require your students to be at any particular location when taking your course. All they need is having access to a computer and the internet. They would enroll and pay for your course (through some payment methods such as PayPal), and then they would receive their access i.e. Login account to the course.

Another advantage is that online courses are usually pre-recorded. This allows students to go through the courses during the time that best suited their everyday’s lives.

Other advantages may include: Usually for work of most other nature, you put in the time in exchange for your earning. Once you stop doing the jobs, your paycheck also stops coming. With your own online course, it is slightly different. You would put into this one time effort and finish creating your entire online course. After that, no time should be required further from you with this online course.

Creating an online course may be easy and hard at the same time. It is difficult because it would require you to be great at organising information. As said before, it requires the person to have a lot of experience or knowledge on a field, industry or a few highly connected topics before she can create a good course.

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