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Addiction Symptoms to Watch For

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Did you know that more than 20 million people in the United States have an addiction problem?

Most of these people don’t seek help because they don’t understand the severity of their addictions.

If someone you love is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction there are a few signs to watch out for.

Keep reading to learn about the most common addiction symptoms so that substances won’t take control!

Change of Friends

One of the largest addiction symptoms that loved ones can spot is changes in social groups.

If your loved one is hanging out with a new crowd and changing their behavior, it could be a sign of addiction. This is referring to unusual and unhealthy relationships which can be friendships or more intimate.

You might notice them having odd conversations on the phone or trying to avoid you while they are spending time together.

Apparent Financial Issues

When someone who is typically reliable isn’t paying the bills because they run out of money, other factors could be involved.

Since drugs, alcohol, and other addictions cost money, people with problems are often out of cash. This is because they are spending all of their money on their addictions or transportation to obtain them.

Try not to enable your loved ones by giving them money time after time. Instead, if you want to help, you can buy them groceries or pay a bill without giving them cash.

Outbursts of Anger

If someone you know is having trouble managing their emotions, there might be an addiction involved.

When addicts can consume or obtain their substances, they can get angry and frustrated. Often, the ones that they are closest to get the brunt of this anger, and sometimes it can get abusive.

If you want to find a safe place for recovery, you can view options before taking a tour. Addiction treatment centers can help individuals overcome addictions and also help families cope. At these centers, they can work through the withdrawal period and learn skills to manage emotions.

Repeated Lying

It’s not uncommon for addicts to start lying when they are trying to outsmart family members.

If what your loved one is saying and doing isn’t matching up, you should seek intervention. Help from a therapist or addiction center can help you build back trust with them. Lies can get frustrating, especially when you’re the one hearing them.

Take a step back in these moments and know that it’s the addiction talking. It’s also important to keep boundaries and protect yourself.

Do These Addiction Symptoms Seem Familiar?

If these addiction symptoms are a common occurrence for you or someone you love, help might be needed.

Addiction is a difficult thing to get over and without the proper environment and support, people are bound to relapse. By watching for these signs, you can identify issues before they get too out of hand. Don’t be afraid to get help from professionals either.

The sooner that you can identify the symptoms, the quicker that the root of the problem can get addressed.

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