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Accounting Services: How to Choose the Right Company for Your Needs

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The accounting services market in the United States is expected to grow by 6.3% in 2022. These days, more and more businesses are recognizing the value of using accounting services.

Hiring professional accounting services can take a weight off of your shoulders when running a small business. They can help you ensure that your finances are under control. Hiring an outsourced accountant can be a convenient way to manage your business finances and can allow you and your team to focus on more important duties.

If you’re hiring accounting services, however, you need to make your choice carefully. Here’s how to choose the right company for your needs.

Understanding the Types of Accounting Services

There are several different types of accounting services that your small business may want to outsource. Here are some of the main types of services that you may want to use in your small business.


Bookkeeping is one service that small businesses often decide to outsource.

Bookkeepers will prepare your accounts and document financial transactions by inputting data into accounting software. They’re responsible for ensuring that business financial information is always up-to-date and accurate.

In addition to inputting data, bookkeepers will also help to check bank statements and payments. They’ll ensure that everything matches perfectly.

By hiring bookkeeping services, you’ll streamline operations and get a much clearer financial picture of your business.

Tax Preparation

Outsourced tax management and preparation services can also be helpful for a business as well.

With these services, tax preparers will help prepare your tax returns to be filed and can help with a variety of other issues related to paying taxes. Professionals can keep you in the loop about your tax burden. They’ll help ensure that you understand the requirements for paying your taxes throughout the year.

Tax management professionals can help you make quarterly tax payments and file extensions. They can also help with IRS audits if necessary as well.

Payroll Processing

Another type of service that your small business may want to outsource is payroll processing. With payroll services, professionals will help track the work hours of your employees and calculate any wages that need to be paid.

Payroll processing services can also disburse payments to employees as well to ensure that they’re paid in a timely manner. They’ll also help to ensure that you’re withholding the correct amount of taxes.

Financial Reporting

You may also want to get outsourced financial reporting services. Financial reporting services can be very helpful for giving you a full picture of your business finances. They can give you a lot of insights that you can use to make better decisions or to secure funding.

With financial reporting services, you’ll get helpful financial documents including a balance sheet, a profit-and-loss (P&L) statement, income statements, and cash flow statements.

Benefits of Hiring an Accounting Service

So what are the benefits of hiring accounting services? Here are some of the top advantages that you should know about.

Maximize Your Deductions

One of the benefits of hiring small business accountants is that doing so will help you to maximize deductions.

Accounting and tax services will help you ensure that you’re taking advantage of all of the right tax credits and aren’t missing anything important. This will help you reduce the amount you owe on your taxes and will improve your business finances overall.

File Your Taxes Correctly

In addition to missing certain deductions, there are many other aspects of filing taxes that business owners often get wrong. Mistakes can cause all kinds of problems when filing taxes including the risk of getting audited or simply losing a lot of money in tax liability.

When you work with professional accounting services and tax professionals, you can ensure that your taxes are being filed correctly and you’re not making any major mistakes.

Get Helpful Business Advice

Working with accounting professionals can also help because they can give you great advice and insights that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. An accountant can become a trusted source of information for you and can help you plan out the ins and outs of your business and its trajectory.

When you want business-related advice, talking to an accountant is one of the best options available. They can provide all kinds of consulting and financial advice that can be invaluable when growing your business.

Accountants have the ability to take an objective look at your finances. They’ll understand the ins and outs of how your business is doing from a financial standpoint.

Save Plenty of Time and Effort

Working with an accountant will help save you a lot of time and effort.

While you can do many important financial tasks such as bookkeeping and payroll on your own, it can be time-consuming and difficult. Performing these duties can take you and your team away from the other important things that you should be doing a grow your business.

By hiring accounting services instead, you’ll be able to handle the important financial aspects of your business without taking a lot of time and allowing it to reduce efficiency.

Factors to Consider When Hiring Accounting Companies

There are a lot of things to think about when choosing a small business accounting service. Here are the main things that you should consider.

1. Certifications

One of the main things to check when hiring an accounting firm is whether it has certified public accountants (CPAs) on staff or not.

Certain services will not require CPAs, such as basic bookkeeping and tax preparation services. However, it can be well worth hiring a firm that has CPAs on staff, especially if you have in-depth accounting needs and want to get solid financial advice and a more in-depth analysis of business finances.

Remember that there are differences between bookkeepers, accountants, and CPAs. Be sure to consider your needs carefully when hiring accountant services.

2. Technology and Software

When choosing accounting services for your company, it’s also important to keep technology in mind.

These days, there are a lot of different software solutions and tools that accountants use to handle business bookkeeping, file taxes, and perform more advanced accounting tasks. It can be worth finding out what technology the accountant you’re hiring uses.

It’s a good idea to look for an accountant who is knowledgeable about cloud-based accounting solutions. This way, you can easily stay on the same page with them and can add more efficiency to the way you handle your finances.

3. Financial Assistance

When evaluating a business accounting service, make sure that you choose one that has your goals in mind. They should work with you to advise you and give you in-depth financial assistance. The accountant should be growth-focused and should have your best interest in mind.

Don’t look for only the basic services that are offered by an accountant. Also, be sure that you find an accountant who can help guide you toward making the correct financial decisions as time goes on.

4. Accounting Services

It’s important to consider the specific services an accountant offers when you’re choosing one to hire.

As we’ve listed above, there are different accounting and financial services that you can outsource. You’ll want to consider what your business currently has time for, what your employees do already, what your budget is, and how much time and effort you want to save when hiring an accountant and choosing the services you need.

Many accountants will offer a variety of services if requested, so you’ll likely be able to get all of the services you need in one place. If you’re looking for scalable accounting services, be sure to check out Finvisor now.

5. Security Standards

Be sure to think about security when you hire an accountant as well.

You’ll want to be sure that you’re hiring an accountant that uses secure methods for handling information and keeping important data safe. Find out what kind of encryption the accounting service uses and what their practices are for ensuring data security.

With so many cyber-attacks and data breaches happening these days, you need to be sure that the accountant has security in mind at all times. Make sure that you speak with an accountant about their security standards before hiring them for your business.

6. Service Pricing and Fees

You’ll also want to consider the pricing when you choose an accounting service to use. Accounting fees will vary greatly from accountant to accountant, so you’ll need to get some quotes from any accountants that you’re considering before you make your final decision.

In addition to having different rates, there are also various fee structures and ways in which you’ll be charged as well. Some accountants will have a set rate for every financial task that they handle, while others will charge based on how much time they’ll devote to the tasks.

You may also be charged for additional services and there could be hidden fees as well, so be sure to find out what to expect beforehand.

7. Customer Service

One more thing that you’ll need to think about when choosing an accounting firm is how well you get along with them. You need to make sure that the accountants that you speak with at the firm are genuine and friendly and have your best interests in mind.

You’ll be working with the accountants closely over the course of time. If you use their services, you need to be sure that they offer good customer service. Ensure that you’re happy with the way that the accountants communicate and interact with you before you decide to hire them.

8. Audit Assistance

When searching for an accounting firm, one of the things that you’ll want to consider is what they offer in terms of auditing support. The accountant should be dedicated to helping you in case the IRS comes knocking at your door.

When hiring an accounting company, you may want to speak with them to find out what kind of auditing services they offer. Ensure that they have extensive resources and assistance available to help you handle an audit if necessary.

9. Company Reputation

When hiring an accountant, you should find out if they have a great reputation and whether people are saying good things about them or not.

You should do some research online to find out more about the accounting firm and to find out if there are a lot of businesses that recommend them. Check some online reviews and directory sites to see what you can find out about the accounting company’s reputation.

Another great thing to do when hiring an accounting firm is to ask around in your network.

Find out whether other business owners that you know are using good accounting services and what their experiences have been with the services that they use. You may discover that they have some great recommendations that can help you when trying to find an accountant to work with.

Choosing the Right Accounting Company for Your Needs

If you need to hire accounting services for your small business, make sure that you don’t make your decision lightly. You should always evaluate an accounting company thoroughly to ensure that they’ll offer the services you need and will do a great job. Be sure to look for the right services, a good level of customer service, a great reputation, and the right pricing when making your choice.

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