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Accessories Every Wine Lover Should Own

Australia is home to some of the finest wines in the world, and it’s only natural that you will want to sample as many of them as possible, within reason of course. Throwing dinner parties with friends is one way to get the good wines out and share those wonderful flavors. You might even find that those friends are happy to bring along a bottle or two to add to your collection. A nice selection of wines is one way to impress, but to look like a true connoisseur, we suggest that you add a few little accessories into the mix.

The first thing that you will want is a place to store your wines, and the good news is that this doesn’t need to be something expensive. You do not need to drop a lot of money on a wine cooler, but it’s still a good idea to have a rack that will store your bottles correctly. That means investing in a wine rack that allows the bottles to lay on their side, as that is the optimal storage method.

The next thing on your wine tool kit list is a good corkscrew. It is totally possible to make a mess of your wine by using a corkscrew that does not get the cork out on the first go. The last thing that you want are pieces of the cork floating in the wine, or a cork that doesn’t come out of the bottle right away. A corkscrew is a simple enough little tool, but a cheap one can mess up your party before it even gets started.

The final piece in your wine accessory kit is a good decanter. If you want to get the very best out your wines in terms of aromas and flavors, you need to be able to allow it to breathe for as much as an hour. You can opt to leave the bottle open, but you get more air flow when you add the wine to a decenter and let it sit and breathe. It also helps that a nice-looking wine decanter also just looks a little classier than having an open bottle sitting on the dinner table. If you can pick up a decanter that also filters put any sediment that may have made it out of the bottle, all the better.

These three little tools will help make your wine drinking experience that much better, and it may even have your dibber guests believing that you have some sommelier training.

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