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A Winter Journey

As the lyrics from a popular holiday song go, ‘Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. And since we have no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

 The writer of the words to, ‘Let it Snow’, Sammy Cahn (1913 to 1993) looked at the romantic side of a snow filled fairyland. However, a winter wonderland of heavy snowflakes can quickly turn into a completely blinding, white-out storm. Snow and ice pummel the earth. Roads and vehicles are instantly covered, creating potentially deadly conditions. No one would wish to be out in these conditions.

Heated wiper blades

Highway driving safety is a top concern. The speeds that vehicles travel greatly influence the force with which ice and snow hit. Another component is the ice build-up that can break away and hit another car or person causing injuries. Thoughtful care must be taken to minimize risks.

Time Tested

Heated wiper blades have been around since 1986! They can make the difference between a safe and unsafe driving experience. To prevent the build-up of ice on the blades they come equipped with a heating mechanism. Some come with a heated squeegee and frame to enhance operation. Heated wiper blades are right for any vehicle. Cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, semi-trucks, plow trucks, RVs, and most school buses, commercial vehicles and heavy-duty trucks are a good match. Wiper blades are easy to assemble and install.


Say goodbye to looking for a safe spot to stop and manually clear the windshield. They will do it for you by preventing ice and snow build-up for better driving vision! No more wiper tag to remove snow and ice while the blade is in motion.

Say goodbye to streaking. There will be no more watery lines and stripes left on the glass by the frozen muck. Say goodbye to frequent changing.  On average heated wiper blades last longer than regular wiper blades. Their quality exceeds standards and works all year long.

Say goodbye to worrying, stress, annoyance, and dissatisfaction.


Say hello to consistent, reliable, ice-free windshield wiper performance! The silicone of the highest quality is used to make a durable, tough product. It will endure extreme temperatures. You will be warm in your car while the blades to their job.

If you drive this is a must have product! Heated wiper blades are trucker tested and have been proven in snowstorms, blizzards, and in the world’s most rugged terrain. Devices have performed well in regions receiving up to 200 to 300 feet of snow annually.  There is a product available for every windshield style and type glass.


Do not settle for less. Once you have moved up to this convenient luxury item you will never go back to regular wiper blades again.  Make the move to greater driving visibility, productivity and safety with heated wiper blades. Their sleek and modern styling will appeal to the most discerning driver. No matter what you are driving, you will love them!

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