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A VPN Can Help You Watch All College Football Playoffs from Anywhere

This week has seen some interesting college football action already. We looked forward to see what would happen between Boise State and Boston College in the First ResponderBowl. Game cancellation meant that won’t happen though.

Elsewhere, Minnesota tore George Town apart in an amazing performance which saw them dominate the Quick Lane Bowl. Now looking forward to what Wisconsin and Miami FL will pull off in the Pinstripe Bowl, this is not one bowlseason you want to miss out on.

Cable Viewing Problems

Many people are looking to get the games on cable, but this model does not come without its own problem. You know about how expensive cable can be already so we are not even going to talk about that.

However, we will make mention of the various game blackouts that occur from time to time when viewing college football on cable. You will observe that this happens around the time when the game is to be played in your locale.

Besides that, cable TV does not offer thosefrom outside markets a chance to see college football. This implies that you don’t get to watch the games if you are outside the US. It does not even matter if you had cable TV running back home and just had to travel outside the states for a while.

How do you fix this?

Luckily for us, cable is not the only way by which you can watch college football playoffs, or the regular season for that matter. A variety of streaming platforms have now come up to take this space.

Some of the most recommended ones are Sling TV, YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu with Live TV and fuboTV.

While these ones remove the problem of high cable cost (while giving you access to other content besides sports), they still falter on the game blackouts and restrictions front.

Streaming college football with a VPN

The ultimate fix will be to stream college football, on your preferred app, with a VPN. Why we recommend that above all others lies in the way VPNs help you change your location at will, separating your physical address from your IP address.

With that, you can connect to a server in the supported market (US) and stream the college football playoffs like you were there too – thus beating the geo-restrictions around the content.

Furthermore, game blackouts can be avoided when you have a VPN to call your own. Since these blackouts will only be imposed on certain regions, other areas will be getting the games aired normally in their locations.

By simply connecting to one of those areas were the game hasn’t been blacked out, you get to enjoy the action without hassles.

In summary:

  • Get yourself a VPN
  • Connect to any server location in the US (for those living outside the States)/ any server location where the game is being aired (to beat blackouts)
  • Pick a suitable plan on your preferred streaming platform
  • Login and enjoy the games while it is happening.

Picking the right sports VPN

Now that you know what to do, picking a VPN is just as important. Ensure your pick is one which has been optimized for speed. Afterall, you don’t want a VPN stepping down your connection so badly, you have to buffer the games.

Afterwards, ensure you’ve got multiple server locations to choose from. The server abundance should also be in the US since that is where the games will be accessed from.

Finally, ensure your VPN supports unlimited bandwidth. Since it determines the volume of data you can transfer over the network, a limited bandwidth will negatively impact your speed. Cue the first requirement here.

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