A Simple Guide To Ace Your 11th Grade Biology And Chemistry Exams

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Biology and Chemistry are two out of the 3 main branches of Science. Biology is the study of life and living organisms, while Chemistry is simply the study of the matter and the stuff inside the matter. These two subjects are listed in the syllabus of 11th grade science students. These subjects can get overwhelmingly difficult if one does not know the right way to study and prepare for the exams. For those students who are facing difficulties in these subjects, there is a simple way to clear these exams.

The Simple Guide to Ace your 11th Grade Biology and Chemistry Exams is listed below:

  • Practicing Diagrams: Biology unlike Chemistry, is a subject that is reliant on diagrams as the primary means of educating students. In exams, diagrams with a short description is the best way to answer these questions. Practicing Diagrams is the one of the best methods to remember the diagrams to draw in the exams; you can find the diagrams in the NCERT solutions for class 11 biology.
  • Solving Numericals & Reaction equations: Chemistry is filled with numericals & chemical reactions that need to be practiced and memorized, so that one may gain proficiency in solving numericals and reaction equations. One can practice and solve numericals & equations by finding them in class 11 chemistry NCERT solutions.
  • Learning through Edu-Tech apps: Apps such as Byju’s- The learning app, are the proficient front runners in providing an excellent quality of education for students all across the country, as they can access the content and the lessons anywhere and at anytime. Thus learning apps are very useful in that regard as they help a student learn and study at their own pace.

Thus this is a simple guide with a few tips on how to clear your 11th grade Biology and Chemistry Exams. Subscribe to the Byju’s Youtube channel for more educational content and you can also check out this short video on 11th grade biology about The History of Biological Classification here:

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