A Quick Guide to Ordering Medicine Online

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Americans spend around $1,200 per person on prescription medication each year, a staggering amount. If your medical costs are sky-high, you might think about ordering medicine online to save money.

Is it safe to buy from online pharmacies? Definitely, but the truth is that plenty of ‘pharmacies’ are hackers or thieves, trying to take advantage of desperate patients.

To shop safely, keep reading to find our quick guide to purchasing medicine online.

Ask for Recommendations

Navigating online pharmacies can be a minefield, since there are so many scammers out there. That’s why you always need to do your research before ordering.

One of the best ways is by asking friends or family for recommendations. If someone you know is buying medicine online and has had good experiences, consider ordering from the same website.

You can also Google the pharmacy name to see what type of reviews it has.

If Something Seems too Good to Be True, There’s a Reason Why

Many shoppers like ordering medicine online to save money, but if it all seems too easy and cheap, that’s a massive red flag.

If prices are much lower than you normally pay, this means the medication they’re selling might not be legitimate. Or, if the website doesn’t ask to see a copy of your prescription, run away—they’re likely operating illegally.

Generally, you want to look for an online mail order pharmacy, as these are reputable companies that will work together with your health insurer to save you money. If your instinct tells you a website is too good to be true, then walk away!

Check for the Name of the Pharmacist

Genuine online pharmacies will always list the name and contact details of their pharmacist. If you can’t find this information, don’t order.

This is a safety measure, as medications can never be dispensed by someone who’s not quality. It can be very dangerous, as they need to make sure none of your prescriptions will negatively interact with one another, making you sick.

If you’re not sure if the pharmacist name is genuine, a quick online search will bring up their educational and professional details.

Look at the Site’s Privacy Policies

To ensure your personal data is safe online, check out the pharmacy’s privacy policies. You need to make sure they won’t sell your data to third parties—an essential consideration when it comes to both your health records and your credit card number.

Stay Safe When Ordering Medicine Online

To make sure you stay safe when ordering medicine online, follow the tips above. Yes, online pharmacies can save you both time and money, but only if you find the right one.

Do your research and find the right pharmacy for your needs—then, you can sit back and wait while your prescriptions are delivered straight to your door.

Soon, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered to drive to the pharmacy in the first place!

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