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A Guide to Vehicle Detailing Equipment

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Did you know that more than eight million cars are washed at car washing businesses each day in the United States of America? Spending money to get your vehicle detailing taken care of makes a lot of sense if you want to protect your investment and keep it looking brand new for years to come. It’s safe to say that the money you spend on vehicle care will add up.

A great alternative that is worth considering is to get the detailing equipment that you need to provide the car care that your car deserves. The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learn all about the detailing supplies that you should get before you start cleaning your ride.

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5 Gallon Buckets

5-gallon buckets are essential if you want to provide the greatest level of vehicle care when you’re cleaning your car. They should only set you back a few dollars apiece from a local hardware store like Lowe’s or Home Depot. You can use these buckets to mix water with soap when you start cleaning the exterior of your vehicle.

Microfiber Towels

Another item that you should get when you start buying your car detailing equipment is a bunch of microfiber towels. These towels are perfect for cleaning the paint on your car’s exterior without scratching or damaging it.

You can use them to clean almost any part of the vehicle from the engine bay to the leather seats inside of your car. It’s best to learn more on car detailing tools for your daily driver.

Wash Mitts

Wash mitts are also perfect to get if you’re looking to get into vehicle detailing for your favorite car. The best approach is to get two wash mitts, that way you won’t have to worry when you’re washing a particularly dirty part of your car. This is perfect for someone that plans to take their vehicle off of the beaten path.

Water Hose

You’ll have a difficult time exploring all of your detailing options if you don’t have a water hose to water and rinse your car with. It’s up to you to determine which type of hose you want to purchase as well as the length of the hose.

Your best bet is to spend more on a rubber hose that is built to last for years to come. It’s better than purchasing a new garden hose that will only last a year or two.

Start Shopping for Detailing Equipment Today

Shopping for detailing equipment is important if you want to take vehicle detailing into your own hands while saving yourself money in the process. Make sure that you have some five-gallon buckets ready to go and look into purchasing a durable rubber hose for car care. It’s also wise to get microfiber towels for the interior as well as the exterior of your car.

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