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A Guide to the Different Types of Working Dogs

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Did you have a difficult time getting out of bed this morning? Studies suggest that one in five adults dread going to work each day, which might make them drag their feet.

The next time you struggle to find enthusiasm for capitalistic pursuits, imagine the working dogs who wake up each day with wagging tails, eager to serve the humans who love them. These intelligent, savvy creatures do real, meaningful work, keeping people safe and healthy.

If a dog can joyfully face a day of work, so can you!

We’ve created this guide to explain the role of working dogs, including the canine jobs they perform and why. Read on for your daily dose of inspiration before heading off for a day of hard work yourself!

Narcotic Detection Services

A dog’s nose is so sensitive that it can detect substances at one part per trillion. So far, we haven’t been able to replicate that level of specificity with any man-made instrument. That’s why people like the pros at have trained their canine crew to sniff out narcotics and stop illegal behavior in its tracks.

These dogs often work with law enforcement professionals or the military. You might spot them at work at crime scenes or airports.

Service Dogs

Service dogs typically work one-on-one to assist individuals with disabilities. They have the training necessary to accompany their human anywhere and behave appropriately. These helpful pups assist individuals with visual or hearing impairments, mobility challenges, and even seizure disorders.

Therapy Dogs

If you’ve ever been stuck in a hospital, you recognize that it can be a bummer. Now, imagine if a friendly, well-trained dog had come to visit you during your stay. That’s the role of many therapy dogs, trained to help meet the emotional needs of sick or injured individuals.

Some therapy dogs provide emotional support before stressful situations. For example, you might see a therapy dog supporting a child before they testify in court. Many therapy dogs work with the aging population to provide joy and variety to their lives.

Police Dogs

Not all officers wear a badge! Police dogs work with law enforcement officers in the line of duty. They are often faster than human officers and can assist with chasing and apprehending dangerous suspects.

Some police dogs also have training in substance detection, as described above. Many dogs can detect things other than narcotics. Certain police dogs can detect bombs, cadavers, or blood.

Nobody Works Harder Than Working Dogs

There are some tasks a human can’t do on their own, from narcotic detection to herding sheep. Luckily, we have working dogs to joyfully go to work for us, making our lives easier. The next time you’re reluctant to perform your safe office job, remember the furry friends gleefully risking their lives to improve the world for their human companions.

Are you still feeling short on inspiration? There’s more where this came from! Browse the rest of the blog for more encouraging content to help make your workday bearable!

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