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A Guide to the Different Types of Gun Scopes

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Feeling like your accuracy could be better? Think about all the money you lose every hunting season.

One simple solution can boost your accuracy and help you land that perfect shot: a gun scope.

Not sure which one to get through?

Check out this quick and easy guide to the different types of gun scopes to help you decide!

Fixed Scopes

When buying a new gun scope or buying used scopes for guns, it is vital to know what type of scope you are looking for. There are different types of scopes available, and each type has its features, benefits, and drawbacks. Before you make a purchase, it’s vital to understand the differences between each type of scope.

Fixed scopes are the most basic type of gun scope. They offer the shooter a basic sight picture without any adjustability for range.

They are best used for close-range shooting and provide the shooter with a quick-sight picture with minimal effort. Since they cannot be adjusted for range, they may not be the best choice for larger games or accurate shots at longer distances.

Long Range Scopes

Magnification on long-range scopes can range from 10 to 40 power, allowing for superior accuracy and accuracy at long distances. These types of scopes will often include parallax adjustment, sometimes referred to as side focus, and are also often equipped with illuminated reticles for improved contrast in low-light conditions. Having a long-range scope mounted on your rifle can make a huge difference in the accuracy and consistency of your long-range shots.

Mil-Dot Rifle Scopes

A MilDot rifle scope is a gun scope commonly used for long-range shooting. It is named for the ‘Milliradian’ dot markings found on the reticle, which are used for range measurement and for compensating for wind drift. The reticle structure allows for more precise ranging and holdovers, making this type of scope an ideal choice for shooters wanting to perfect their shooting skill at long range.

Red Dot / Holographic Scopes

Red dot holographic scopes are a great way to give your firearm a more accurate aiming system. They offer a red dot illuminated reticle that can be seen even in total darkness.

They are parallax free, meaning the red dot remains in the same place on target regardless of eye position. The reticle frequently features a bright dot surrounded by a clear circle, making them great for close quarters and rapid-fire engagements.

Night Vision Scopes

Night vision scopes are an essential piece of modern technology for hunters, law enforcement, and military personnel. They enable operators to see in low light conditions, giving them an advantage over their prey or target.

Different types and sizes of night vision scopes are available, including those that can be mounted on rifles and shotguns. There are also night vision monoculars and binoculars for use with a rifle scope.

Consider These Types of Gun Scopes

Gun scopes can be an invaluable asset to the precision shooter and hunter. By knowing and understanding the different types of gun scopes, you can make an educated and informed purchase to improve your shooting capabilities. Make sure to take advantage of the advice and resources available to apply the right scope to your weapon practically and experience the full potential of your firearm.

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