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A Guide to the Benefits of Attic Insulation

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Believe it or not, most homes in the United States need home improvements because 80% of them are at least 20 years old.

Among the most common home improvements are fixing floors and ceilings, replacing plumbing fixtures, and getting new appliances. But what about attic insulation? Is this a good investment, and how can it improve your home’s efficiency?

Here’s what you need to know.

Save Money on Energy Bills

When you insulate your attic, you are helping to keep air-conditioned air in and hot air out in the summer. In the winter, it will keep heat from escaping.

It’s estimated that you can save 15% on energy costs by insulating. For many, whatever you’ll spend on new insulation is well worth it.

Preserve Your Home Structure

Your home will become damaged over time from excessive heat and moisture. Insulating your attic will prevent water from eroding your walls.

Too much moisture can also be a reason for roof damage since your shingles can swell and crack. Insulating your attic can prevent this, as well as help you avoid the ice dams that form when snow freezes on your roof.

Improve Air Quality

Many individuals suffer from allergies and asthma, making the home an uncomfortable place. When your insulation is poor, dust, dirt, and mildew can enter your home through the leaks, causing the problem to become worse.

New insulation can remove old pollutants in your worn-out insulation as well as cover up cracks, thus helping everyone to breathe easier.

More Comfortable

No matter how updated your HVAC system is, your home will be less able to defend you against the elements if you have poor insulation.

If your home’s upstairs is ten or more degrees hotter in the summer or colder in the winter than your downstairs, your problem is most likely poor insulation. Since US homes have bedrooms on the second floor, you are probably experiencing discomfort when you sleep. Re-insulating your attic will greatly improve this.

Preserve Your HVAC System

If you have poor insulation, your HVAC system could be working overtime to keep your house at a reasonable temperature. This is an even bigger problem in homes where ductwork runs through the attic.

The right attic insulation will keep heat from rising, resulting in your HVAC system not having to work as hard. You will reduce your home’s reliance on these mechanisms while keeping your home more comfortable throughout the year.

Improve Home Value

New attic insulation can help improve your home’s attractiveness to prospective buyers. It makes rooms more enjoyable and useable, and buyers will know they won’t need to replace the insulation for a while.

If you plan on selling your home in the near future, make sure you ask your real estate agent to mention new attic insulation as a selling point. It protects your roof and will reduce its energy costs.

More Usable Space

You may have areas in your home that you don’t use as much because of poor attic insulation. For example, you may avoid using your attic for storage because it could ruin your valuable items.

Or you may have a walk-up attic that could be used for a playroom or even living space. With the right insulation, you can begin adding rooms that will expand the size of your home.

Prevent Pests

Pests such as mice, squirrels, and birds can often make their home in or around your attic. Old insulation is often a popular space for these animals to nest. This can become a health hazard for you and your family.

With new insulation, you can keep your home free from pests and their waste.

Help The Environment

New attic insulation can help keep your home warm or cool with less energy, thus reducing your carbon footprint. Many of today’s insulation types also use recycled materials, such as mineral wool and fiberglass. You can be confident that you’re doing your part to keep the planet healthy.

Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

Another way that an attic insulation service will help your home is that it keeps your pipes from freezing and bursting. Any homeowner who has had this happen knows that it can cause great damage to walls, carpets, and furniture. If your attic is properly insulated, this is less of a concern.

The Right Attic Insulation Service

You won’t want to leave your attic insulation up to just any service. Before you choose a local company, make sure you do a little research.

Take a look at their websites, such as this page title, and see what kinds of services they offer. Do they have a lot of experience with insulation? What types of materials do they use?

Make sure you choose a local company, as these folks will have first-hand knowledge of common problems and solutions for homes in your area. You’ll also want to read online reviews and see what former customers are saying.

Do many customers say that the service was timely or professional? Or do you see a number of former clients mentioning a job poorly done?

You can also call up the company and ask for references. A lot of good recommendations can give you the confidence that you’re making an excellent decision for your home.

Staying Cool

Updating your attic insulation is an important decision that will save you lots of money on your home. With the right service, you could be enjoying better energy efficiency and comfort in no time.

Don’t stop getting smart about your home and lifestyle now. For more great advice, read our blog today.

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