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A Beginner’s Guide to Online Betting

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In 2019, the global online gambling market was valued at around $50 billion. And by 2026, it’s expected to reach $100 billion!

With more and more technology coming out, plus the current pandemic, it should be fairly obvious why so many are flocking to online betting. Not only is it a lot safer than going to a land-based casino, but it’s also more comfortable and convenient!


For these reasons, you might be interested in gambling online. Not only can it be a new hobby, but you just might be able to hit the jackpot!

If you don’t know how to get started, then no worries. Here is a beginner’s guide to online betting to help you out.

Set a Budget and Time Limit

Have you ever played a video game that was so entrancing that the next thing you knew, it was 5 hours later? The same thing can happen with online gambling, especially since you can just turn on your computer and start to gamble online in the comfort of your living room.

Before you start a session, do yourself a favor and first sit down to set a budget and time limit. For instance, if you have $50 a week to spend on “fun” stuff, then you might want to put $30 a week toward online casino deposits. And if you only have 5 hours of spare time after work per day, limit yourself to maybe 2 hours max per day for gambling.

Then, when you sit down to play, set a timer on your phone. When it goes off, you have to finish up and log off. Make it a point to log off and stand up to do something else.

You can also set a limit for how much you bet each session. For example, if you make a $30 deposit every week and play every weekday, then set your limit for betting at $6 per day, plus a certain percentage of your winnings if you’d like. That can help extend your playtime just a bit.

Look for Promos

Online casinos will do everything they can to get new players through their “doors.” Not only that, but they’ll also try hard to keep them there as well!

Because of this, you’ll be able to find lots of promotions. There’s really no excuse not to, considering online casinos advertise them, give out free promo codes, and email their players about them. If you’re playing with no bonuses at all, then you’re making a huge mistake.

Make sure you sign up for all alerts and emails, even if it gets a little bothersome. But it’s better to have those alerts and emails rather than nothing at all. You’ll be able to get in on great rewards like free spins, deposit matches, or even free credits to play with!

You can also browse websites that aggregate promos so you can find them quickly. For example, you can find the best free bet deals on US-Odds’ site to further your bankroll when it comes to sports betting.

Play Free Versions First

This is one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to online betting: there are free versions available that are exactly like the paid ones! All it takes is a small Google search and you’ll come up with results instantly.

You should always play on the free versions before you put real money down. Otherwise, you’ll be throwing away money trying to figure things out.

When you play on the free versions first, this allows you to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics. Not only that, but it gives you an opportunity to try out strategies without financial risks.

Once you’re ready, you can then go back to the online gambling sites to put some real money down!

Don’t Chase Losses

The number one rule about any type of betting is don’t chase losses! If you’re on a losing streak, the best thing you can do is to walk away.

Most people get caught in this mindset that if they just place one more bet (or two, or three, etc.), then they’ll make up for their losses and can get in the green again. But the complete opposite is true.

When you’re on a negative streak, it can be frustrating. And when you’re upset, you’re more likely to make mistakes, which will eat away your bankroll quickly.

If you notice your balance dwindling fast, log off for the time being. If you haven’t hit your limit for the day, then you might be able to log back on later to have a fun time. Otherwise, just start over with a clean slate on the next day.

Remember That the House Always Wins

On that note, keep in mind that the house always wins. You might be able to walk away with a nice winning sum sometimes, but that’ll balance out with significant losses in the future if you keep playing.

So if you’re gambling online to make a profit, that might not be a very good idea. Instead, treat it like a hobby where cash winnings are a nice bonus! That way, you’ll have more fun and less stress.

Good Luck With Online Betting

With the above advice, online betting will be a cinch. Just remember to plan out your budget, take advantage of all the promos you can get your hands on, practice on free games, and make sure to take a step back if you’re on a losing streak.

By keeping all of this information in mind whenever you’re betting, you’re sure to come out with a better chance of winning it big. So play smartly and hopefully, Lady Luck will be on your side!

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