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9 Liberal Arts Careers that You’ll Love to Try Your Hand At

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There’s a misconception going around that a liberal arts degree is one of the most pointless ones you can get. However, that’s simply not true. While a liberal arts degree is more general than others, it applies to a wide variety of career applications.

A liberal arts degree encompasses the study of history, literature, writing, and more. The core ideology is to help you make compelling arguments and improve your communication skills.

Here are nine liberal arts careers you should consider if you’re graduating soon.

1. Advertising or Marketing

Communications majors often find themselves working in the field of advertising or marketing.

Both fields are two sides of the same coin. Marketing is the process of identifying customer needs and finding leads. Advertising refers to the actual work that goes into promoting the company and reaching these potential customers.

In current times, there’s also a strong need for social media skills. Luckily, many younger people already have experience in social media without needing further education in it. It’s one of the best liberal arts jobs you can get today.

2. Copywriter

A copywriter can fall under the same umbrella as advertising or marketing, but it also encompasses different roles. Their job is to edit or create content for public consumption. This is a great position for anyone with skills or an interest in writing.

If you want to become a copywriter, you can do so as an in-house hire or as a freelancer. However, you’ll most likely start off as a freelancer so you can build up the writing samples necessary to show to a big company.

3. Market Research Analyst

Market research is another career option that works alongside marketing and advertising. It involves gathering information about a set of consumers, such as their current needs and purchasing capabilities. Market research lets a company know whether or not people in an area or demographic want their product.

This is a good career path for liberal arts graduates because it requires problem-solving skills.

4. Human Resources

Another of the best liberal arts careers that make good use of communication skills is human resources. A human resources officer manages every part of the employment process, including hiring and terminating. They also spend much of their time dealing with employee disputes and ensuring their overall well-being.

The average annual salary for a human resources manager in the United States is roughly $75,000 according to On the higher end, you can potentially earn up to $110,000 annually.

It’s a good position if you’re a people-person, but not the best role for more introverted individuals.

5. Journalist

The field of journalism is wide and accepts any degree you may have, whether it’s a technical one or one focused on research. It’s either a perfect fit or one of the more difficult jobs in liberal arts to break into, depending on who you ask.

If you want to become a journalist, try out for your school’s media program. Alternatively, you could start a blog or write some freelance articles for your local news sources.

Working for television will earn you more money than a newspaper, but the environment is much more fast-paced. In the end, you should go with whatever job best fits your skillset and personal interests.

6. Public Relations

Public relations combines creativity, research, analysis, and communication skills. It takes everything you’ve learned in liberal arts and applies it to the real world. As a public relations employee, your job is to help frame the public perception of an organization, company, or person.

Some of the various tasks you’ll be responsible for include sending out press releases, representing your client to the media, and advising your client on how to proceed with certain campaigns. You take on quite a load, but there’s always a need for PR, and it pays well.

7. Social Worker

A liberal arts degree is all about studying the human condition and our impact on the world. As a result, many graduates end up going into social service to help vulnerable groups in their communities.

You can become a social worker if you want to help families in need and save children from abusive households. There’s also the option of joining non-profits as a community manager.

According to, the average salary in this field is around $55,000. It doesn’t pay the greatest, but your work directly impacts those in need.

8. Web Developer

You wouldn’t normally think of pursuing a career as a web developer with a liberal arts degree. However, the communication skills you learn in school combined with mastery of critical thinking skills directly translate to web development.

Of course, you should have a preexisting interest in web development and moderate computer skills before you pursue the field. If you aren’t skilled in web development, consider taking a relevant class at your University or try out one of the various online classes available.

9. Educator

One of the most important careers in liberal arts is that of an educator. A teacher who acquired a liberal arts degree approaches education with a critical eye and a philosophy of expanding their students’ worldview. Most importantly, they should become a teacher because they want to educate the next generation.

If you’re interested in pursuing a liberal arts degree and seeing an educator in the field first-hand, check out Liberal Arts EDU. They can help you find a liberal arts college that will prepare you in a wide variety of focus areas.

Pursue the Right Liberal Arts Careers

If you’re unsure of exactly what you want out of your future, a degree in liberal arts is the perfect fit. It allows a lot of flexibility in terms of your studies. After you graduate, you can apply for whatever liberal arts careers fit your interests.

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