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8 Truck Accident Claim Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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74 percent of all fatal passenger car accidents involve a large truck.

Sadly, most people involved in these accidents don’t know how to file a claim. They make mistakes that sabotage their chances for fair compensation.

So, if you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, you must learn to file a claim.

To help you out, here are eight truck accident claim mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Failing to Report the Truck Accident to the Police

Sometimes, the police might respond to the truck accident on time. When this happens, some people don’t bother filing a police report afterward. They assume it’s not important to the claim process, yet it is.

Without a police report, your insurance company will argue the accident never happened.

You must obtain a police report when filing a truck accident claim to avoid this pitfall. The report will provide details on the accident and help you determine who’s responsible. The report will also provide the contact information of the involved drivers, passengers, and witnesses.

2. Forgetting to Collect Contact Information

After a truck accident, you must collect the contact information of the involved driver(s) and crush witnesses. Unfortunately, some people forget to collect this information. Tracking the other driver(s) and witnesses might be problematic without this information.

So, even if there are police at the scene of the accident, insist on getting a copy of the contact information.

3. Skipping Medical Checkups and Treatment

Many people assume you should only seek immediate medical care for fatal truck injuries. They think you can postpone treatment for minor injuries until it starts to hurt. Unfortunately, skipping medical checkups endangers your health and wellness.

You might develop severe health problems afterward that endanger your health. Also, failing to seek immediate medical checkups and treatment will hurt your claim. The insurance company might refuse to cover your medical expenses.

So, even if you’re feeling okay after a truck accident, seeking medical care is still important. You want a doctor to prepare a medical checkup report that you’ll use when filing the truck accident claim.

4. Waiting too Long to File the Truck Accident Claim

Some people don’t realize there is a truck accident claim filing deadline. They assume they can do it anytime, so they keep procrastinating. Unfortunately, you void your claim when you file it past the deadline.

Hire a truck accident lawyer to advise you when to file the claim. Also, this attorney will help you know the specific truck accident claim documents to prepare. You want to provide documentation to support your claim.

Also, find out more from this lawyer about how long a claim filing process takes. With this information, it’s easy to decide which actions to take to expedite the claim process. The goal is to receive compensation soon to cover your medical bills and lost income.

5. Posting Accident Claim Details on Social Media

It’s tempting to post your truck accident claim details on social media. You want to solicit other people’s advice on how to handle the claim. You may also post pictures on social media during this period.

Being active on social media during this period can hurt your truck accident claim. The insurance company might use your information on social media against you. They might claim you’re faking injuries and use the photos you posted online as evidence.

You must fight off the urge to use social media during the truck accident claim filing process to avoid these problems. Also, don’t share sensitive and confidential truck accident case details with unauthorized persons.

6. Failing to Preserve Evidence

Most people will delete the truck accident photos after filing the claim. They’ll assume they don’t need these pictures anymore. Unfortunately, the insurance company might ask for more evidence during the settlement negotiations.

Without these pictures, proving liability and seeking fair compensation will be hard. So, don’t get rid of any truck accident evidence even if you think it’s irrelevant. Also, learn how to preserve this evidence to avoid losing it.

7. Giving a Recorded Statement

Many people think there’s nothing wrong with giving a recorded statement after a truck accident. They claim as long as you’re telling the truth, there’s nothing to hide. Unfortunately, insurance adjusters are sneaky and confuse you into making contradicting information.

So, never consent to a recorded statement after a truck accident. Also, involve an attorney to avoid saying the wrong things that hurt your truck accident case. The attorney will guide you on which questions to answer and when to remain silent.

8. Settling too Quickly

A truck accident claim takes a long time, so it’s exciting to receive a settlement offer finally. Many people take this first offer to avoid another long wait. Sadly, the first offer doesn’t cover all damages in many instances.

Consult a truck accident lawyer before settling. You want a professional opinion on how much your claim is worth. With this figure, it’s easy to decide whether to accept a settlement offer or not.

Also, the truck accident lawyer will advise you on when to go to trial. The goal is to explore all legal remedies to fight for fair compensation. You want to receive enough compensation to cover the medical bills and lost income.

Furthermore, you should be compensated for the non-economic damages you suffered, such as pain and suffering.

Get a Fair Outcome by Avoiding Truck Accident Claim Mistakes

You must avoid the above truck accident claim mistakes to increase the odds of a fair outcome. After a truck accident, get a police report and the relevant contact information. Also, seek immediate medical care even if you’re feeling fine.

Finally, don’t settle too quickly; keep negotiating for a better settlement offer.

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