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8 Frequently Asked Questions About ADA Sign Requirements

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Are you a business owner? Are you compliant with the ADA Sign Requirements?

Did you know that not meeting these standards can result in fines? The first offense carries a penalty of up to $75,000. From there, further violations cost $150,000.

It’s vital to ensure that you’re meeting all requirements for ADA signs. Keep reading to find answers to frequently asked questions.

1. Do the ADA Sign Requirements Apply to Your Business?

Title III of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) defines applicable locations. It considers all private and public businesses as “public accommodations”.

This means you can’t discriminate against a customer because of a disability. Businesses must provide reasonable access for everyone.

It’s key to know that while the ADA is a federal law, states and local authorities can define further rules. Be sure to check with all regulatory bodies to ensure you’re compliant.

2. What Are the Steps to Be Compliant with the ADA Sign Requirements?

Begin by identifying locations in your business that need ADA signage. Examples include elevators, emergency exits, exits, and restrooms. Also list all permanent spaces, rooms, or features and if customers need directions.

3. What Are the Types of ADA Signs?

ADA Signage Compliance includes two required categories. The first is to label a room, permanent space, or feature. The second is to give individuals directions to these places.

4. What Are the Required Features of a Visual ADA Sign?

All visual ADA signs need raised characters and in a sans serif font that’s easy to read. They may be light-colored on a dark background or dark-colored on a light background. Also, make sure the background doesn’t create a glare since this makes it hard to read.

5. What’s Considered a Compliant Tactile Sign?

Tactile ADA signs have raised letters or characters that a person can touch to read the sign. This helps those with low vision or who are blind and can’t read Braille dots.

These signs may include contracted grade II Braille dots. All Braille dots must be placed on a separate line below the last line of text.

6. What’s an ADA Pictogram?

The ADA requires that some signs include the International Symbol for Accessibility (ISA). About 50 years ago, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defined global icons. These icons or pictograms are now part of the ISA.

They provide easily identifiable symbols that convey information and promote access. This helps those with cognitive disabilities, low vision, or who speak another language.

7. What’s the ADA’s Signage Rule for Accessible Parking Spaces?

Businesses must place accessible signs that use the ISA. Include the phrase “van-accessible” for applicable spaces. Place the lower edge of the sign at least five feet above the ground.

8. Where Can You Get ADA Signage for Your Business?

Resource 4 Signs offers custom ADA building signs. These include directional, visual, and tactile options. They also offer total ADA sign packages.

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