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8 Fabulous Tips for Choosing Trendy Plus Size Clothing You’ll Love

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Did you know that 91 percent of women are actually unhappy with how their bodies look? With the expectations set unrealistically by the media and the diet culture that invades our society, it is more important than ever to tune out the negativity and love yourself.

Would you like to learn how to dress if you wear a larger size? Here are some tips for putting together a closet full of trendy plus size clothing that you will love.

1. Embrace Your Curves

You should not feel self-conscious wearing clothes that show your curves. In fact, one of the keys to body positivity is embracing all of your curves and seeing how they accentuate your features.

When you put on a new outfit, try using positive affirmations. Tell yourself that you are beautiful, strong and that you look good in anything that you put on.

If you want inspiration, try going on the internet and looking for body-positive posts. You will see many women that embrace their curves and give tips for how you can as well.

2. Connect With Other Women on Social Media

Social media is a great way to find encouraging content about plus size clothing, as well as a ton of fashion inspiration. Facebook has a function where you can join groups for all of the plus size clothing advice that you will need.

Some of the groups also include people selling their used clothes. You may be able to find deals on some clothes in your size that you may not be able to get anywhere else.

Hashtags are a great way to find content that fits your interests. Almost any social media platform has hashtag functionality. Try following hashtags such as “love yourself,” “body positivity,” and “plus size inspiration.”

3. Do Not Cover Up

Although you may want to cover up your curves when you are plus size, that is the last thing you should do. Culture today encourages women with curves to cover up when they should flaunt their bodies just like a woman of any other size.

For instance, when you go to the beach, wear the swimsuit you want to and try to feel confident about going into the water. The best plus size clothing, even swimsuits, will make you feel like you are on top of the world.

One of the best ways that you can accept and love your body is by refusing to cover up the parts that you feel insecure about. If you do not like your belly or your thighs, wear a bikini that will show them off.

4. Dress for Your Silhouette

Although plus size women can wear any type of clothing, you should definitely try to dress for your silhouette. This will allow you to wear the most flattering pieces that will frame your body perfectly.

If you have an apple shape, it means that your waist is less defined around the middle. Try clothing that will elongate your torso area and structured clothing that will help you to define your curves.

Another silhouette common for plus size women is the pear shape. A pear shape includes a larger bust, smaller waist, and larger thighs. For this shape, try wearing clothes that cinch at the waist and really accentuate your curves, such as wrap dresses.

5. Use Accessories

When you put together any outfit, you need to know that accessories are just as important as the main pieces of clothing. accessories can either make or break your look, so you should choose items that work well with many different outfit types.

Try buying timeless jewelry pieces that will still look stylish many years down the road. You can also add fun accessories such as hats, scarves, and belts to bring your look to the next level.

6. Have Classic Pieces

To always have stylish plus size clothing, you should shop with classic pieces in mind. You can build your seasonal wardrobe with a mix of trendy plus size clothing pieces and fashion staples that you can wear for a long time.

Some of the best classics to keep on hand include a little black dress, a good pair of heels, a denim jacket, and muted cardigans. You can almost never go wrong with these, and they look good when styled with more modern fashion items.

7. Change Up Your Hairstyle

You may not think your hair has a lot to do with stylish plus size clothing, but a good hairstyle can accentuate the look you want to achieve. Try getting a new cut that will go nicely with trendy plus size clothing. Aim for something that frames your face nicely.

Keep in mind the length and style that look best for your fashion. For example, if you want something that is low-effort, then you may not need a cut that requires several products in the morning to achieve the style that you want.

8. Shop Good Deals

The best plus size clothing does not have to break the bank. You should always look for deals from your favorite stores around the time that the retail industry has its best sales. For example, some of the best times to buy a bathing suit are in the off-season.

If you want to buy some staples, then you may want to think about women’s plus size wholesale clothing. These are often much cheaper than retail brands, but you will get the same quality and style for a discounted price.

Find Trendy Plus Size Clothing Today

If you are plus size, you should not have to worry about finding clothes that fit and match your style. With these tips, you can assemble a wardrobe full of trendy plus size clothing that works for any situation or event.

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