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8 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a House Cleaner

Are you thinking about hiring a house cleaner? With the busy schedules most people have today, this makes sense.

After all, who wants to come home to a dirty, unkempt house?

However, before hiring someone for this job, there are a few questions you should ask. After all, this person will be in your home, so you want to ensure they are honest, professional, and trustworthy.

Keep reading to learn some of the important questions to ask before hiring this service provider.

1. Do They Work for a Company or Alone?

While the first question you may think of probably rates to the going rate for house cleaning, there are other things to consider, as well.

For example, does the person you are hiring workers for a larger company or on their own?

Hiring an individual may result in lower prices for the cleaning services. While this is true, it also means there are no backup cleaners to cover if the person is sick or can’t provide service when you need it.

Even though a cleaning company may have more expensive prices, you don’t have to worry about them being unavailable. Scheduling is usually more flexible, as well.

2. How Long Have They Been Providing Cleaning Services?

It takes more than a basic knowledge of cleaning a mop and vacuum to run a sustainable cleaning service. It’s estimated that about 50% of new cleaning businesses fail within the first year.

By the fifth year, about 90% of these businesses have closed their doors for good.

While that doesn’t mean you should not hire a new service provider, going with an established house cleaning company will likely mean you are dealing with more professional, experienced, and trustworthy individuals.

3. Can They Provide References?

It doesn’t matter if someone has been providing home cleaning services for 10 years or 10 weeks; they should be able to provide you with past customer references.

Just because a house cleaner or service is new to the industry doesn’t mean you should rule them out right away. In some cases, they can provide testimonials from friends or family members.

Remember, every business starts somewhere.

You can skip this step if you ask people you know for recommendations for cleaners. This is a great way to learn about the best of the best in your local area.

4. Is the Service Provider Licensed and Insured?

It’s important to make sure you are working with a legitimate company. You should check to see if they have a professional business license in the state that lets them operate legally.

Usually, no additional credentials or licenses are needed for a cleaning service.

While this is true, you need to make sure the cleaning service has the proper insurance. At the least, they should have professional liability insurance.

With this policy, anything that is damaged in your home will be covered. Without this insurance, there is no guarantee that the service provider will pay if damages occur.

5. How Soon Can They Provide an Estimate for Service?

After finding a housekeeper or a cleaning service, you are ready to hire, be sure to email or call them to get an estimate. Along with getting their rates, you can see how responsive the service provider is.

This is an important factor to consider when it comes to hiring someone to clean your home.

6. How Are Employees Screened?

Some house cleaners get into this field because they can’t get another job due to their criminal history. With this factor in mind, you need to know that it is a good idea to ask about its hiring process.

For example, do they require references, background checks, or other things before hiring someone?

Make sure you know about the person who will have access to your home.

7. What Type of Cleaning Products Do They Use?

If you are worried about the cleaning products, be sure to ask. For example, if someone in your family has allergies, it’s important to know what type of products the cleaner will use.

Today, many cleaning services offer natural, fragrance-free, and gentle cleaning products; however, they may also charge more for using these. This makes sense, though, because these products are usually more expensive to purchase.

8. Do They Offer Other Services?

Depending on your needs, it is not bad to ask if the company offers any other services. For example, some house cleaners also provide organizing services.

For many people, this is beneficial if your home is cluttered or disorganized. In some cases, just a basic cleaning won’t be enough to get your house back in a clean, organized condition.

You may also have minor damages that you don’t have the expertise, tools, or time to handle. You may be able to find a house cleaning service that offers handyman repairs, too.

Now You Know What to Consider When Hiring a House Cleaner

If you are interested in hiring a house cleaner, asking the questions above is highly recommended. The right questions will help you find the right person for the job and feel confident in their abilities.

Remember, not all cleaning services are the same, so getting to know as much as you can about a few will help you choose the right one.

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