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7 Ways To Tricking Kids Into Learning Unknowingly

Learning can actually be fun. Kids often run at the idea of learning when they aren’t in school because they think it’s boring. You can actually trick them into learning without them even realizing their minds are growing while they are having fun. We’ve got 7 ways to trick kids into learning unknowingly.

At Home Science Experiments

Performing science experiments at home are just plain fun. Whether you’re dropping Mentos into soda making it explode, making a volcano with baking soda or making bath bombs to make bath time more fun, it’s all about the excitement of seeing science come to life. Kids won’t know they’re really learning while they laugh at the crazy experiments. Household items like soap, milk and food can be used to create fireworks even. After you do the experiments talk about what happened and how it all came together to create a fun masterpiece.

Free Play

It may sound crazy, but children learn through simple play. Take a break from the video games and Ipad, and tell the kids to just play. To your amazement, they may take dolls or figurines and have them doing all sorts of things. Give them a cardboard box and let them go wild with imagination colouring and playing in it. Free play gives kids the freedom to broaden their imagination skills and use art in ways they never thought possible. They can learn to either play by themselves with toys or with others using parts of their brain they may not normally use while being stuck at a school desk. Outdoor play is just as effective as indoor play so encourage them to get outside.

Get A Fun Tutor

A boring teacher doesn’t make learning fun for kids. Get them a tutor they’ll love and that’ll make learning exciting. They may get bored with homework and put it aside if they find it’s something they “have” to do. Search for tutors near me on a trusted online provider to help children learn. Tutors will cater to their own way of thinking and make learning new and different because the style is perfectly tailored to their way of learning. Kids thrive in environments where they feel they’re applying their learning. If they feel like they’re failing, kids won’t be as excited to learn. Tutors and teachers can help kids always feel excited to grow their learning skills.

Video Game Coding

Older children may benefit greatly from video game coding. Computer programs teaching kids about coding video games are very popular as the children are learning without realizing it. You actually program the video game action so you’re playing the game you actually create. Kids get to be involved in the graphics and artificial intelligence of the actual game. They even get to play with the music. Computer science joins entertainment while the children interact with their own personal video game. They could be creating the future of video games without even knowing it.

Grocery Shopping Interaction

Put your child in the middle of the grocery shopping action. Have them alphabetize the grocery list and find things along the way. Have them add up the contents as you go working on their math skills. They learn to locate things in the grocery store as well as useful addition to figure out the overall price. You can teach them about the nutritional value of certain foods and drinks as you shop as well. They’ll be learning life skills as well as educational skills without thinking about school.

Family Book Club

Kids may think reading is reserved for boredom, but you can make it fun with a family book club. Pick a fun book everyone will love reading and meet at the end of the week to discuss it. Bring in fun drinks and food so the interaction about the book is all about excitement. Go over details in the book that deal with real life and talk about the overall feel of the book. Don’t make it feel like an educational discussion, but a fun time that involves the whole family. Bring in a board game or television show that goes with the book for an added amount of entertainment.

Be Artistic

Awaken their artistic side with paint, crayons and markers. They learn to unleash the artistic side of the brain by just creating masterpieces. Get out some plain paper or canvas and go at it. Let the children use their imaginations to create whatever they want. They won’t know their brains are actually working while they’re just having fun. Let the kids get messy using paint and art utensils. Let them wear old clothes and get dirty. It isn’t all about science and math skills outside of school. Let the kids flex all of their educational muscles while making new artwork for their room.

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