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7 Tips for Preventing Tooth Staining

More than half of the adults in the US feel insecure about their teeth. A lack of whiteness is among the top concerns. You no longer have to cover your dull, stained teeth when you smile, though.

Instead, use these seven tips to prevent tooth staining in the future. With these tips, you can improve your oral hygiene. You can keep your white teeth sparkling throughout the year as a result.

Maintain a stunning smile. Get started with these seven easy dental care tips today.

1. Schedule Routine Cleanings

First, make sure to schedule routine dental care check-ups with your dentist. Visit twice a year to have your teeth professionally cleaned. A hygienist can remove minimal staining from the surface of your teeth.

They can even provide you with additional tips you can use to maintain stunning, white teeth.

2. Stop Smoking

You’ve probably heard it before, but smoking can put your oral health at serious risk. For starters, it can increase your risk of oral cancer. It can also stain your tongue and teeth.

Your risk of gum disease can increase, too.

If you want to avoid tooth staining in the future, quit smoking.

3. Rinse and Brush

Make sure to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth after consuming foods and beverages that can cause stains. These include:

    • Tea
    • Coffee
    • White or red wine
    • Beets
    • Soy sauce
    • Blueberries
    • Dark-colored soda

If it can stain your hands, it can probably cause stained teeth, too.

If you can’t brush right away, drink plenty of water after consuming these items.

4. Use a Straw

Consider drinking tea, coffee, or soda with a straw. Drinking with a straw will keep these beverages away from your teeth. You might have an easier time avoiding stained teeth in the future.

5. Schedule Whitening Procedures

The global teeth whitening industry could grow by 45% between 2020 and 2026. More people are interested in tackling tooth staining with tooth whitening treatments.

Consider consulting a dentist to determine if a tooth whitening procedure is right for you. Make sure it’s within your budget first. You can learn more here: How Much Is Teeth Whitening?

6. Brush Gently

Don’t wear your protective tooth enamel down. As it becomes thinner, the dentin will show through. Stains will appear more obvious, too.

Instead, brush gently in slow circles.

7. Reduce Sweets

Try to minimize your intake of candies and sweets. Otherwise, sugar could compromise your oral hygiene.

In addition to causing stains, sugar can also increase your risk of cavities and other oral health issues.

Consider eating more fruits instead.

Pearly White Smiles: 7 Tips to Prevent Tooth Staining

Don’t compromise your dental health this year. Instead, use these seven tips to prevent tooth staining. These tips can also improve your oral hygiene, helping to reduce the risk of cavities or gingivitis.

Make a change for the better! Get started with these tips for avoiding stains today.

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