how to keep house warm in winter

7 Tips for Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

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Your home usually does a great job of keeping your home during the cold months. The walls are insulated, your windows are sealed, and your furnace works in top form to maintain your home’s climate.

But doing this doesn’t come without cost. With the price of heating a home going up in the future, you may pay more than in the past for the privilege. The good news is that you can do a few things yourself to make your home warmer and reduce your heating costs.

If you want to avoid the cold in winter, it pays to do whatever is possible to make your home warm during the cold months. Keep reading to learn how to keep your house warm in winter.

Install a Door Sweep

Doors don’t always create a complete seal when you close them. Depending on the installation, your door may have space between the ground and areas around your door.

That’s a space where cold air from outside can enter your home. Installing a door sweep will close that space to stop cold air from getting inside.

Put these sweeps on every door in your home that goes outside to keep those areas warmer in the winter.

Manage Your Drapes

Your window drapes can do a lot to keep your home warm. In the daytime, keep them open when the sun is out. The sunlight will enter your home and keep it warmer.

However, you’ll need to close them when it gets dark. Hanging drapes over the window will prevent cool drafts from making them into your home. Replace light drapes with heavy ones in the winter to block more cold air.

Improve Your Insulation

Your home insulation is material that builders put in your walls and attic to insulate your home from the elements. But over time, that insulation breaks down and becomes less effective.

You can purchase insulation yourself to fix some of that problem. Most homes have space to enter your attic, so you can buy insulation and lay it there. Check out a guide for insulation tips to learn how to insulate your loft or attic to prevent warm air from escaping your roof.

Maintain Your HVAC

A well-functioning HVAC system is critical to keep your home warm in the winter. As time goes on, your filter will get dirty, and other components may degrade. If you don’t maintain your unit, it will be harder for your home to stay warm.

The first place to start is your filter. Change it every couple of months to ensure clean air flows inside your home.

You can also purchase a maintenance service from your local HVAC provider. This will tell you your unit’s problems and keep it in shape during the winter.

Now You Know How to Keep Your House Warm in Winter

There’s not much you can do about it getting cooler at the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in your home. You deserve to be comfortable during the day instead of freezing.

The problem is that homes don’t always have the best construction and can let cold drafts into your house. But now that you know how to keep your house warm in winter, you have what you need to stay cozy when it’s freezing outside.

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