7 Things You Need To Know About Tanzanite

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Did you know that tanzanite gems weren’t discovered until 1967 and since then, they’ve become one of the most popular stones?

Tanzanite gemstones can be identified by their rare blueish-violet color that sparkles in the light.

If you’re looking for a new stone to wear and add another component to your look, tanzanite is a great option to consider.

Continue reading below to discover everything you need to know about tanzanite and its value!

1. It’s a Precious Stone

Most people don’t realize it, but tanzanite gems are more rare than diamonds.

Tanzanite comes from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, making them a rare asset. You can appeal to your luxurious side and get tanzanite jewelry to bring the mountains with you, wherever you go.

Scientists are discovering that this rare gemstone is becoming scarce. The mines are nearly empty of the gem, and over time, they will continue to increase in value.

2. Tanzanite Radiates Three Colors

Depending on the surrounding colors and light, you may see beautiful rays of blue, red, and violet.

If you ever find tanzanite stones, put them in the air between your eyes and the sun. You can also do this with artificial light, but it isn’t as effective. The striking blend of these colors can enhance outfits and draw attention to blue eyes.

Since there are different cuts, you can find gems that produce opaque colors or ones that are vibrant. When you compare tanzanite gemstone jewelry, you will quickly discover which style catches your eye.

3. Miners Have Helped the Community With Tanzanite

It’s not every day that someone does something good for the community, especially after they’ve won money.

Miners that find tanzanite are rewarded with large amounts of cash when they sell. In the summer of 2020, one miner found 2 stones that were the largest on record. He used the profits from his stones to create a school and shopping center for the community.

Some people believe that tanzanite gems are associated with the heart and pure intentions. Whether you mine tanzanite or give it as a gift, you could put a smile on someone else’s face!

4. It’s Significant for December Babies

If you were born in December, tanzanite is your birthstone.

Although it got a late start, tanzanite officially become one of the December birthstones in 2002. Tanzanite sits aside turquoise and zircon, the other December gemstones, but it’s the most valuable.

People born in December typically represent pure hearts, intentions, and truth. This is what the birthstone represents and can act as a beautiful reminder. The mysterious shades of blue in tanzanite are perfect for December since the water and ice become dark.

The shades of blue will remind you of the water and winter, offering a refreshing perspective.

5. Healing Benefits

The Maasai tribe and other spiritual people keep tanzanite around for its healing benefits.

Tanzanite can increase compassion and calmness, which helps people progress through challenges. They use this stone as a gentle reminder to be kind to themselves and live in the moment. The blue shades help promote a calming sensation, but they also produce vibrations.

It’s believed that tanzanite can foster a higher consciousness and help people detox their minds and bodies. This exquisite gemstone is perfect for jewelry and easy to wear with casual and formal outfits.

6. Tanzanite Is a Soft Gemstone

If you invest in tanzanite stones, you must understand how vulnerable they are.

Tanzanite is a soft gem that can easily break. You don’t want to be rough when you wear tanzanite jewelry since the impact and rough surfaces can damage the stone.  Many people compare the durability of tanzanite to emeralds, but they aren’t as brittle.

When you wear tanzanite jewelry or put it in storage, you must consider the conditions. When tanzanite stones experience dramatic changes in temps, they can shatter or crack. You must use lukewarm water while cleaning your stones and avoid contact with salt and chemicals.

Although this may be an appealing stone for engagement rings, you may want to put it in a necklace or bracelet instead. Tanzanite is likely to break when it’s placed on rings, but if you’re careful, it can be a unique option.

7. There Are Synthetic Stones on the Market

If you want to get the value and benefits of tanzanite, you don’t want to invest in a fake gem.

Synthetic tanzanite, which is a synthetic form of sapphire is often used in place of real stone. When you shop for jewelry, make sure you talk to the jeweler about the stone’s authenticity and origins. For quick reference, you can put the stone in the light and look for blue and purple hues that indicate a true stone.

Scientists are still developing a purer synthetic form of tanzanite. Although synthetic forms aren’t as valuable, they can be more affordable for some budgets. Even if the stones are small, you’ll gain more benefits from authentic cuts.

Enhance Your Look With Tanzanite

If you’re looking for a rare stone that will upgrade your look, tanzanite is the gem to invest in.

Tanzanite gemstones are unique, color-changing, and valuable. You can draw attention to your best features with tanzanite jewelry, or even benefit from the healing properties it offers. Whether you’re a December baby or just looking for a mysterious stone, tanzanite is a perfect choice for your jewelry collection.

Don’t forget about caring for real stones since they can become vulnerable and crack.

Make sure you read our blog for more info about different kinds of stones and the ways you can wear them!

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