7 Things to Consider When Moving to a New City

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Every year, 31 million people in the United States move.

And if you want to be one of them, you’re probably feeling a mixture of excitement and fear.

But before you start packing, there are several things to consider when moving to a new city. Whether you’re moving alone, with your significant other, or with your entire family, you need to make sure that you’ve done your research and picked the right city for you.

Ready to learn everything you need to think about before moving to a new city? Keep reading for the top 7 things you need to consider.

1. Weather

One of the first things on your moving to a new city checklist should be the weather.

While you can definitely put up with weather you don’t like if the job offer you’re accepting is an unmissable opportunity, it may affect your satisfaction with the city in the long run.

For example, if you love to be outdoors and go hiking all the time, you may not like a city like Seattle where there is a lot of rain. But if you find heat and humidity unbearable, you may not like somewhere like Miami.

While a city’s weather may not make or break your decision, it can still influence whether you will enjoy the city or not.

2. Housing Costs

One of the biggest things to look out for when figuring out how to move to a new city is how much housing will cost you there.

First of all, you need to figure out if you’re going to be renting or buying property.

For example, if you need to sell house ASAP, the money from the sale could go towards a down payment for your new house.

Then, you need to check whether housing costs are the same in your new city. Of course, if you’re moving due to a promotion, your new salary may be enough to cover any differences in rent or property costs.

Think about what kind of quality you can get for the price, and see how much housing costs vary between neighborhoods. You also want to look at how much utilities will cost, whether they are included in monthly rent, and what property tax looks like.

3. Living Costs

Aside from housing costs, you also want to look at how much your living costs are going to be.

These include groceries, parking, gas, transit passes, and gym memberships. If you have a specialized diet or need to see a practitioner like a physiotherapist often, you need to factor in these costs as well.

Remember that very popular cities will have more expensive living costs than others, so keep this in mind when making your decision. Sometimes, living costs can decrease if you get away from downtown just a bit.

If you’re not sure how your current living costs compare with those of your target city, try using a cost of living calculator to help you get started.

4. NightLife and Activities

Especially if you’re moving to a new city alone, you should check out what sorts of nightlife and activities are available.

Even if you’re not a huge party animal, you should see what activities you can join.

Maybe you’re a huge cinema buff or you love taking pottery classes. All these activities can help you make new friends and feel at home in your new city.

If you have a family, you also want to see what kinds of family-friendly activities you could do together. This might include going to the beach, park, or going to a kid-friendly restaurant together.

5. Schools and Crime Rate

If you have kids or are planning to have kids, make sure to look at what schools are in the area. Do you have the option between public and private schools? How well-funded are the schools? Are the schools safe?

Similarly, you need to consider the crime rate, both within the school and outside of it.

While most cities have higher crime rates in some areas than others, you still need to have the peace of mind that your kids are commuting to school and walking around safely.

6. Commuting Concerns

If you usually drive to work, you might wonder what to do when moving to a new city.

Some cities, like Los Angeles, don’t have the best public transportation systems. And since the city is so sprawled out, the easiest way to get around is by car.

On the other hand, cities like New York City have efficient subway systems and let you get pretty much anywhere.

If you have a low tolerance for driving for long periods of time and hate heavy traffic, you need to consider whether a more commuter-friendly city would be a better option for you.

7. City Amenities

An often overlooked piece of advice for moving to a new city is that you need to see what kinds of amenities they have.

This factor depends on your personality, as well as on your personal and health needs. If you need to be near a hospital that has the right professionals to help you, then you may need to be in a bigger city.

You may also have kids that attend martial arts or swimming lessons. In this case, you’d want to be close to a community center.

And if you love hiking or being in nature, then a smaller city might be the perfect choice for you!

Top Things to Consider When Moving to a New City

We hope this article helped you with the top things to consider when moving to a new city.

No matter why you’re moving, remember that everyone is different and that what your friends need in a city may not be what you need.

At the end of the day, keep your lifestyle, needs, and financial situation in mind so that you can choose the right city to call your new home.

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