7 Mistakes with Sneaker Shopping and How to Avoid Them

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Stores sell almost $34 billion in sneakers alone every single year. With so many options, it can be easy to make a mistake when being one of those buyers. So, how do you ensure that you make the right decisions when sneaker shopping and trying to find what you want?

The following advice should help you avoid mistakes with sneaker shopping in the future. As you read through, try to create a mental checklist to stop you from making the same errors yourself when you next enter the store. So, read on and become a better shopper today.

1. Buying Counterfeit Goods

If you do not go through a registered trader that you can trust, you are in real danger of falling victim to a counterfeit trade. eBay or other sites are notorious for appearing like they will sell you real shoes but instead offering you knock-offs that do not last.

If you want a good pair of sneakers, make sure that you find a shop online that offers both security and safety. For example, you can buy Jordan 4s here while also looking through a huge catalog of other sneaker options.

2. Failing to Try Them On

This may not always be an option if buying online, but this can be an important step in making sure that you grab a pair that fits you. To some, it might seem obvious, but not everyone knows how their body works.

Were you aware, for example, that your feet stop growing when you are in your mid-twenties? Up until then, they keep on getting longer. On top of that, it does not even account for the person gaining body fat, which could cause a huge difference up or down in the size of a person’s feet.

Besides an individual’s size, not every manufacturer makes their shoes to the same size standards. One seller might have different sneaker sizes, despite having the same size listed or even the same types of sneakers. This is an important reason why you should try to get them on your feet if you happen to visit one of those classic physical stores.

3. Forgetting the Secondary Market

While the secondary market might be a little riskier, that does not mean that you cannot find some classic sneakers there. One of the best things about this option is that new fashions might disappear fast, but these stay for a lot longer. When the official website runs out, you can always find someone else who already has a pair to get them from.

Of course, it might end up being better for you to be patient and avoid this market. Now and then, a manufacturer goes back to a classic design. When that happens, you could buy something from a reseller only to see the real deal appear on the sneaker store website shortly after.

4. Not Snapping Up Deals or Limited Editions

Sneaker designers love to create specialty sneakers for events. Be they national holidays, or any other event, there are always opportunities for something new. Missing out on these limited edition sneakers might make you a laughing stock, as you end up with your old-fashioned shoes.

Make sure to sign up for online waiting lists or newsletters to the sneaker brands that you adore. You can then try to pick up a pair as soon as they come out, and you might even have an opportunity to reserve a place in the digital queue if you are fortunate.

5. Refusing to Check Reviews First

We have all had that situation where we buy something and it turns out to be nowhere near as good as we were promised. This painful experience is avoidable these days, as you will always find online customer reviews for every product that you want. Sometimes they might not be in the store that you buy the goods from but if go searching around, they will exist.

If you realize that a set of sneakers has many negative reviews, try to find out why. Sometimes it is for a good reason, although other times a competitor tries to harm their opposition or an online fan group will craft fake reviews. Learn to tell the difference between useful online discussion and when people are shouting for their “team” instead.

6. Shopping in the Wrong Places

It is always worth having a look around at different sites. Unless a single store has an exclusive offer, you should try comparing sneaker prices at more than one store. The last thing that you want is to buy a pair, then find it next door for one-half of the price.

Lucky for you, in the digital age, this is all the easier. Go onto the shops’ online stores and see how much each of them sells the sneakers for. If you are fortunate, you might even find that the closest store offers price-matching, so you can travel the shortest distance for the best deal.

7. Spending Too Much on New Sneakers

In general, try to stay safe and healthy when buying things online. It can be tempting to go for every deal and get all the latest stuff. But you need to remember, this life is a marathon, not a sprint.

If you cannot afford the sneakers, maybe hold off on one set. You can always save up for the next pair, and by the time they come out, you will not need to worry about the older ones anymore.

Avoid Mistakes with Sneaker Shopping

The chances are high that you are now a veritable expert in shopping for sneakers. Using the above, you can avoid the worst mistakes with sneaker shopping and rise above all the problems in the market. Still, you might want more advice, not only for sneakers but other shopping options.

Lucky for you, our blog has plenty of articles that should help you overcome the issues you face every time you set foot in a store. So, check out our advice and find something to help you get the deal of the century today!

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