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7 Important Steps to Take After a Car Accident

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Did you know thousands of people have already been involved in fatal car crashes in the last few months?

This is not surprising because several daily accidents occur, and many get behind the wheel under the influence or are distracted while navigating a GPS.

It is difficult to know what to do after a car accident. Therefore, you must try to hire a lawyer because there are many steps to take to ensure you will win your case. Here are the 7 most important things to do right after a car accident.

Steps After a Car Accident

Even if you have a minor fender bender, knowing what you must do after a car accident is essential.

Therefore, getting a car accident lawyer to help you go through some of these is necessary, especially if you are injured from the accident and cannot get all the paperwork ready.

1. Be Prepared

The first step is to determine what you need to do after an accident takes place. However, this must be done before the accident. For instance, as a driver, you must understand your insurance policy.

You would be surprised how many people do not know the policies mentioned in their insurance plan. You must always review your insurance details before an accident to know what protections are available.

This is crucial if the other person does not have insurance. Always check your insurance card and other information. This should include a policy number and phone number.

Then you need to keep this in your car’s glove compartment. It also helps to have a copy of it on your phone if you cannot access the glove compartment when an accident occurs.

Other things to keep in your glove compartment are a disposable camera for pictures, a small pad of paper, and a pen to jot down all the details of your accident.

2. Call the Police

When an accident occurs, you need to ensure that everyone involved is alright. If there are any serious injuries, it is essential to dial 911 for an ambulance.

Even if someone else says they will take care of you and have someone who can fix your car, you should still call the police for peace of mind. This provides an extra measure of protection for all those involved.

A police report will be an official record of your accident, which will come in handy throughout your case.

The police officer will file an incident report if the injuries are not severe. This can assist with your insurance process to determine legal liabilities.

3. Call Insurance Company

Whether you have a serious accident or not, you should always call your insurance carrier. The process will go more smoothly for you the sooner your insurance company gets all the information.

Then they can sort out all the payments that need to be made for everyone involved in the accident. Within a day of your accident, it is worth letting the company know what happened so they can hear your side of the story first.

4. Gather Information

You will need to play detective to have the best outcome for your car accident case. If you are not injured after the car accident and can safely move around, it is worth taking photos of the surrounding area.

Make sure to get the traffic signs, lane markings, and what the damaged cars look like. Images are vital for accidents, especially on private property or at a car park where the cops may not show up to determine what happened.

Always write the contact information, name, and insurance information for the other person involved. Then you must grab your notepad and write down all the details about the accident.

This is because your insurance company’s claims representative will interview you to find out who is at fault. They can ask things about the direction you were traveling and your street name.

Then they can ask if you saw other signs and stoplights. If any witnesses saw the accident, you should also take down their contact information.

This can be overwhelming after an accident, so it is always beneficial to hire a car accident lawyer to do the investigative work for you. Read full article here to know more about hiring the best car accident attorney.

5. Determine Claim

You will need to file an insurance claim after the accident if you seek compensation for damages. This is where things get tricky without legal expertise.

Without a lawyer, it is challenging for the average person to calculate and estimate all the damages. You may also be too tired and weary while recovering.

Since the insurance companies will try to downplay the damages to pay out a lesser amount, you should try to find the right lawyer who can get you a fair settlement.

6. Track Repairs

You must stay involved throughout the repair process if your car has been in an accident. You do not want to leave this to your insurance company because they will always try and cut corners to benefit from the situation.

Let them handle discussions with the other driver after the accident is better, but you should track all the repairs yourself.

7. Remain Calm

Going through a car accident can be a terrifying time in life. It also takes a huge toll when you need to gather paperwork and file a case to go through the legal process.

Always try your best to remain calm and never flee the accident scene to avoid a criminal charge. You should also avoid admitting any guilt while exchanging information with the other driver.

Remember that anything you say after the accident can come back to haunt you in the courts later.

You must also prevent placing the blame and finger-pointing at the other driver. Accusing them will not help because that is the police and insurance company’s job to determine who is at fault.

Hire the Best Attorney Today

Now that you know the 7 things to do after a car accident, it is time to find the best legal support in your area. Remember that you need to take photos and note many details.

This can be difficult if you are still in recovery after the accident. Therefore, the right car accident lawyer can conduct the investigation for you. With their expertise, you can count on getting the settlement you deserve.

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