7 Exciting Garage Renovation Ideas

7 Exciting Garage Renovation Ideas

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Get going with your garage! 37% of homeowners don’t have a single car in their garage. They stuff items they don’t use in there or leave the garage to rot.

A garage renovation can turn your old garage into almost anything. The key is you think of some good garage renovation ideas and get essential remodeling tips.

What are some simple renovation tips you can perform? How can you renovate your garage from top to bottom? What do you need to buy to make a comfortable space for yourself?

Answer these questions and you can create the best garage in the neighborhood in no time. Here are seven great renovation ideas.

1. Create an Organization System

If you’re looking for a simple garage remodel, you can add an organization system to your garage. Sort through the items you have stored in your garage and get rid of the things you don’t need anymore. Then put your items into categories.

Each category should have a bin or shelf dedicated to it. Buy plastic bins, each with a distinct color so you can see the bins from a distance. You can label the outside so you know what the bin contains, and you can put your belongings into the bins.

You can buy pre-made shelves, or you can drill floating wall shelves into your walls. This can call attention to your items, making your garage more visually interesting.

2. Beautify Your Garage

Making your garage more beautiful can increase the value of your house and encourage you to spend more time in your garage. At a minimum, you should paint the walls in bright colors. You can also hang up works of art, as long as the temperature and humidity in your garage will not damage them.

Adding a concrete coating can bring interesting colors and textures into your garage. It will also protect your floor, preventing it from becoming chipped or cracked.

3. Turn the Garage Into a Mud Room

A mud room is a closet expanded to an entire room. You can keep your shoes, coats, and dirty clothes in your room as well as the tools you use for lawn work and outdoor sports. If your garage leads into your house, you should strongly consider making it a mud room.

You can add hooks or cabinets to your garage so you can hang your clothes up and store your things away. To make taking off your shoes easier, you should put a bench against the back wall. Put a rug near the door so you can scrape grime off your shoes as you come in.

4. Build a Home Theater

You can renovate your garage so it has an entirely new purpose. This is a good option if you don’t park your car in the garage or if your garage is very old.

To create a home theater, you should add soundproofing to the walls and ceiling. You should install a few lights and a television set. If you want a true home theater experience, you can hang up a projection screen on one wall and install a projector on the opposite wall.

Add a few chairs and tables so you can lounge and set food and drinks down. Feel free to add a few movie posters to create interesting visuals.

5. Grow a Garden

Inspect your garage and fill in any holes in the ceiling, floor, and walls. If you can control the climate already in your garage, you can start growing plants right away. You may need to add a few windows so your plants can use sunlight for photosynthesis.

You can add a sprinkler and put it on a timer so you don’t have to water your plants. Buy extra soil, mulch, and compost so you can give your plants the nutrients they need. You can put cabinets in the corners of your garden or create a compost pile outside.

6. Start a Brewery

If your garage is large enough, you can start a brewery inside it. Add plumbing to your garage and make sure you have a constant source of water. Install a ventilation system so clean air circulates through the space.

Install shelves so you keep items you need off the floor. Then buy the essential tools you need for a microbrewery, including brew kettles, fermenters, and wort chillers. Read recipes for making beer and spirits online so you know what to do.

7. Create a Playroom

If your children need their own space, you can turn the garage into a playroom. Add a carpet to the floor and put in windows so your children have plenty of natural light. Put their toys in boxes so they don’t trip or step on them.

Personalize the playroom as much as possible. If your child likes to make music, you should put their instruments in the room and add soundproofing to the walls so they don’t bother anyone. If they like to draw, buy them an easel and a chair so they don’t have to stand up.

Start Your Garage Renovation

A garage renovation can mean many different things. In less than a day, you can add an organization system or paint your garage walls. You can also install a new floor or convert your garage into a mudroom.

If you have the time and money, you should consider building a home theater or starting a garden. To make money out of your garage, you can start a brewery. You can also hand the space over to your children.

Each of these projects requires experience in DIY. Read DIY guides by following our coverage.

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