7 Cool Hairstyles For Men In 2021

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1. Side-Shaved Comb Over

Length is very important while trying this style. Trimming one side, and growing a long length of hair on the other side, is the way to try this style. If too long hair bit more for you, then go with medium length. Beard will add a rugged look to the hair.

2. Tousled Balayage Hair

A hairstyle to count on for mid-length hair. With the smaller strands on the face, the look will be complete. A barbershop in Farmingdale suggests that properly using highlights is the best option to balance the Tousled Balayage Hair. Toning should be done accordingly.

3. Natural Waves

Natural waves are always seductive. Do you remember Jack from Titanic?

Do you remember his natural waves? Aren’t they seducing? You need to try them for sure. If natural waves aren’t part of your hair and blow-drying is the best option to choose. Try to set waves with the help of pomade.

4. Spiky Tapered Cut

As spikes have ruled the hairstyling industry for many years, now it’s being changed from hard ones to smooth. Men are adopting smooth hair for a casual look. A thin beard with perfectly groomed spikes is a preferable option for most men. Spikes bring out the dauntless features of men. If you are trying for a look to gain confidence, and aren’t trying this one. Manh! You are missing out on the real fun.

5. Mid-Length Taper

Tapers are always inviting. “Tom cruise’s look in American-made is just audacious”, says a barbershop in Farmingdale. He looks quite impressive with tapers. Coming to the mid-length tapers, they are an interesting style to maintain the attitude. Blending the colors and length with proper calculations can be manly and classy simultaneously.  This cool look is suitable for both official and unofficial parties.

6. Taper Fade With Asymmetric Volume

This hairstyle purely depends on the highlights chosen. As Tapers are glamorous, with more volume they can be more captivating. If the proper highlights are chosen, then the look is absolute. With a polished beard, this hairstyle will cast an alluring look.

7. Pompadour With Shorter Sides

If you are looking for a rugged look with low maintenance, then this one will be perfect for you. If you are a person with a seductive bone structure then, Pompadour with shorter sides is the one. Use a wax, keep the top hair a bit lengthy, and the sides shorter, the look will be all set. This hairstyle can’t be suggested for formal meetings. But it’s a choice to hold on for informal meetings and parties.


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