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6 Top Tips To Control Your Cravings And Shed More Pounds

While you may be exercising regularly and eating healthy, there is no stopping the uncontrollable urge to devour deliciously delectable and unhealthy treats. Or is there? These few healthy habits will trick your body into forgetting about the cravings, helping you stick to your diet and lose more weight.

1. Supplement Your Appetite

The ketogenic diet is all the rave. This diet is high in fat and proteins and low in carbohydrates. This diet is intended to induce a state of ketosis, a natural metabolic state, which raises blood ketone levels and ultimately causes the body to burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. Combined with a consistent workout routine, this diet can promote fat burning capacity and suppress one’s appetite. This diet is not the only way to achieve ketosis. There are several exogenous ketone supplements that can provide these results more efficiently. Analyze That is a great site to check out for more information on the best ketone supplements on the market.

2. Drink Up

Eight glasses of water a day will keep the cravings at bay. Drinking plenty of water is one of the easiest ways to stave off hunger. We often confuse hunger pangs with thirst. Ensure that you always have a full bottle within arms reach to alleviate cravings throughout the day. Minimizing these urges will mean the difference between grabbing a cookie from the office jar and getting stuck into your work.

3. Morning Meditation

Meditation has tremendous physical and mental health benefits. On top of that, it can suppress your appetite and promote weight loss. Buddhists use meditation during times of fast to center the body, mind, and soul which allows them to feel more peaceful throughout the day. Meditation for appetite suppression is by no means an easy task but can become effective over time. Practice makes perfect. While you may not feel results immediately, in time you will be more prepared to combat hunger throughout the day.

4. Make Breakfast Count

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day. Ensuring that you start your day the right way will set the tone throughout. Breakfast should be sufficient in size and substance. Foods such as oats and yogurt are a few craving crushing dietary essentials that can aid in the body’s fat burning capacity. Fiber, found in a variety of cereals, is a functional food for fat loss. Researchers claim that fiber increases satiety and thus combats daily cravings. A wholesome breakfast will provide you with sufficient nutrients to minimize hunger pangs throughout the day.

5. Get Physical

Exercise is crucial to weight loss and can contribute to a suppressed appetite. Whether you’re hitting the gym or shooting some hoops, any form of physical exercise is extremely beneficial for your overall health. Focusing on exercise will draw your attention away from hunger. Consider adding smaller exercise routines to your daily tasks for even more relief from hunger pangs. These can include crunches before getting out of bed, 5 minute stretches at your desk and lunchtime strolls in the park. Maintaining consistent exercise throughout the day will help you burn calories more efficiently and lose weight quicker. They will keep your mind active, helping you stave off hunger more effectively.

6. See Ya, Sugar

Research indicates that sugar has a direct influence on the brain’s satiety and your digestion. It disrupts communication between the two, resulting in a fluctuating and uncontrollable appetite. Managing the resulting cravings can be extremely difficult. Sugar has several other harmful health implications. These include increased insulin levels and resistance to the hormone leptin. Raised insulin levels result in more fat being deposited into the fat cells. Leptin helps the brain ‘see’ that fat cells are full of fat and resistance to this hormone can result in reduced fat burning.

Following these simple steps will help control your cravings and shed more pounds. Relieve some of the pressure of being so strict with yourself by making time for a cheat day every once in a while.

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