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6 Tips on Choosing a Catering Service for Your Party

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Are you among the 64% of consumers who’d rather dine out instead of preparing a meal at home? Well, this is quite understandable. Let’s face it, most of us aren’t pros at cooking and you’d rather save on time getting a meal from a diner.

However, the thought of catering for your guests’ meal expenses at a hotel can be daunting if you plan on hosting a party. You might end up spending months of your pay if the guest list is big. Instead, choosing a catering service for the party could be your best alternative because of its convenience and cost-savings.

Not all licensed catering service providers will deliver on your expectations when you host a party. You need to have a thorough understanding of your options. These tips will help you land the best caterers for your party.

1. Begin by Understanding the Types of Catering Services

There are two main kinds of catering services you should know. Full-service catering is akin to hiring an entire restaurant. They’ll serve the meals, bus the tables, and clean the party location after it’s over.

In drop-and-go catering, the caterers will prepare the food from their workplace and deliver it at your party. You’ll be responsible for serving the food and cleaning the venue afterward.

2. Estimate the Catering Service Budget Beforehand

It’s wise to approximate the amount you can spend on catering services before committing to a caterer. In most cases, full-service catering costs more than drop-and-go catering. Opt for the latter if you are on a tight budget.

3. Find Out What Your Guests Like Before Choosing a Catering Service

Discuss with your guests their likes and dislikes when it comes to food. You don’t want to be in a situation where you order for Japanese cuisine only to find out the guests prefers ice cream catering instead. Ask the invitees to include their food preferences in their RSVP as a precautionary measure.

4. Pay Attention to the References and Reviews

Conducting a quick search of catering service providers near you will yield lots of results. It’s time-consuming and tiresome to vet all the suggestions.

Make your work easier by asking friends, colleagues, or acquaintances for references. See what previous clients think about the referrals by reading their online reviews and testimonials.

5. Check Out for Licenses

It’s wise to confirm that the catering company you plan to work with has a license from the local health department. Dealing with health code violations and complaints from your guests after the party is embarrassing. A cater without a license is also a risk to your well-being.

6. Look at the Hygiene of the Equipment for Catering

Small details like the cleanliness of the caterer’s uniform and cooking utensils might seem insignificant. Ignore them at your peril as they can cause behind-the-scenes problems. For instance, compromising the food’s safety and aesthetics.

Ease the Burden

Parties should be enjoyable for both the guests and the host. Cooking for a large crowd by yourself robs you of the pleasure as you’ll be busy making sure meals are prepared well and on time. Furthermore, few people poses the skills to prepare food for parties properly.

Ease the burden by choosing a catering service that’ll meet your needs. Try implementing the above to better your odds of getting the best service. Discover informative articles like this by browsing through the website.

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