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6 School Sport Team Fundraising Ideas That Involve Fans

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With an estimated 60 million children participating in youth sports, more and more kids are reaping the many benefits of staying active. From the health benefits to the learning opportunities, introducing your child to sports has many advantages.

One aspect of youth sports that many children will need to experience is the aspect of fundraising. This helps children learn how to work as a team off the field to help support their team financially.

Whether you’re a coach or a supportive parent, getting the fans involved is a great way to generate interest in team fundraising ideas.

When it comes to planning a fundraiser for your youth sports team, you may be at a loss. You’re in luck, however, as you can read the following article to find the perfect event to help your team succeed.

1. Classic Clothing Sale

One of the best ways to get your fans involved in your team and generate support for your organization is to hold a tried and true apparel sale. Giving your players a collective or individual goal can help them strive to support their community.

This is one of the most practical options, as your fans will want to show off their team spirit by rocking your team’s logo or mascot on their clothing. Plus, everyone can use another t-shirt!

With so many clothing and accessory options to choose from, there’s something for every fan. From sweatshirts and quarter zips to hats and lapel pins, every fan will be able to show off their support for your team.

Similarly, you can sell water bottles, car magnets, and blankets so your fans can show off their support for your sports team wherever they go.

2. Fans on the Field

What better way to get your fans involved in a fundraiser than by inviting them to participate in your sport! Hosting a tournament for fans, parents, and teachers alike to enjoy is a great way to raise money to support your team.

Teams will pay an entry fee in order to participate, helping you raise money. Plus, your players will be eager to form teams in order to show off their skills outside of a structured and pressured setting.

You can provide light refreshments to help keep participants satiated, and using school facilities for free can help you save money on renting a location to hold your fundraiser.

3. Restaurant Partnerships

It’s no secret that people like to eat! A great way to get your fans involved is to find a local restaurant to help sponsor a night in support of your organization.

Many restaurants will hold dedicate a night to your team, donating all or most of the proceeds back to your team. However, fans will need to show a code or flyer to indicate that they are there to support the team.

This is not only a great way to raise money, but it helps form a sense of community as players, parents, and peers will be able to bond over their shared dinner.

4. Host a Camp

If you’re looking to get fans involved, one of the best ways to generate interest is to hold a camp or a clinic. This not only helps younger players get a chance to meet you, but it also allows your current team to step into the role of a coach.

Plus, having your students’ coach saves you money on hiring extra coaching staff. Though your players may not like it, having this be a mandatory fundraiser ensures they all show up and help your team succeed.

Looking into camps in the area will allow you to find a comparable price for admission and spots. However, you’ll need to ensure you take the necessary precautions to ensure all participants have the proper waivers before stepping on the field.

5. Car Wash

Looking for a way to beat the heat and get your kids involved with raising money? Hosting a car wash at your school is a great way to have fans reap the benefits of donating money to your organization.

Your athletes will love the opportunity to put a little elbow grease in and get to work. Encourage your kids to wear school sports apparel to emphasize their fans to bring all their cars to the school for a scrub! Plus, a school car wash is much more affordable than going to a business.

Charging per car is a great way to make a great profit, as the only thing you’ll need to purchase is car soap and sponges. Your school will likely have buckets, and you can use the hoses on campus to spray the cars down.

6. Talent Show

Finally, one of the most fun ways to raise money for your sports team is to host a talent show! Having your players sign up to showcase their non-sports related skills is a great way to highlight your players while raising money.

You can secure space in your school’s auditorium or all-purpose room and sell tickets so your fans can support your students outside the gym. Selling tickets for five dollars is enough to raise a decent amount of money to put toward your program.

If your athletes need ideas for their talent, they can sing, dance, perform standup, or any other hidden knack they possess.

Team Fundraising Ideas to Help Your Team Succeed

Whether you sell custom lapel pins and blankets or partner with local restaurants, you can raise plenty of money with these team fundraising ideas.

Don’t be afraid to take the opinions of your athletes into consideration. They are the majority of your team after all, so having them provide insight into what fundraisers they think would be best can help you raise a significant amount of funds.

If you found these fundraiser ideas for your school sports teams inspiring, you’ll want to check out the rest of our website. There you’ll find more great lifestyle tips and tricks.

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