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6 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Nursing Assistant

There are more than 1.5 million certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in the United States. Not only that but the field is growing at a rate of eight percent, which is much faster than the national average for jobs.

There are many reasons to become a CNA. And luckily for you, we have come up with a list of some of the top reasons that you should consider. So keep on reading and we will walk you through everything you need to know.

  1. No Day Is the Same

Are you interested in skipping the boring desk job and instead jumping right into an exciting career? If so, then you should definitely consider becoming a CNA.

No two days are the same with this job. As a certified nursing assistant, you’ll always be on the go and you’ll be a valuable part of the healthcare team. You will be able to see yourself making actual differences in the quality of your patients’ lives.

You’ll be working under the direction of an RN, as a CNA. You will provide daily care for patients. This includes:

  • transporting
  • feeding
  • bathing
  • providing companionship
  • checking vital signs
  • helping with activities

You will quickly develop all kinds of useful skills along with having a career that will provide you with a purpose.

  1. Fast Training, Flexible Class Times

CNA training is a good way for someone to get started in a career in healthcare. A lot of CNA training programs provide classes of varying lengths. They also offer a variety of schedules to fit the needs of the students.

There are even some accelerated programs that offer classes multiple days per week for just one month so that you can get started on your CNA career as soon as possible.

Other programs might offer weekend or evening classes for a longer time period so that you can fit the classes in with your other obligations.

Some programs are only going to require that you be at least 18 years old. You might be able to complete training while also finishing up high school.

If you get a jump start on this right after you graduate, you could be a working CNA by the time the summer is over.

Take a look at the different programs available to you so that you can find the one that best fits your lifestyle.

  1. Affordable Training

For a lot of Americans, student debt is a big problem. Someone who attends a four-year university could easily end up paying tens of thousands of dollars every year.

CNA training, on the other hand, is relatively affordable. Many programs will only cost you several hundred dollars. A lot of these programs can work with student loans and also offer payment plans.

Some training programs will work with future employers to help cover the cost of the bill and they will guarantee that you’ll work after your training.

  1. Flexible Schedules

A CNA can work a very flexible schedule. Some facilities have full-time CNAs that work 12-hour shifts, three days a week.

A schedule like this will give you four days off each week to take other classes, take care of family members, hang out with friends, or just relax. It is very easy to work full-time as a CNA while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Are you someone who likes to stay up all night? Facilities are always looking for CNAs to work night shifts and those nursing assistant jobs tend to pay more than when you work during the day.

Weekend and even shifts are also popular for CNAs because of the flexibility. Of course, you can also find more standard 9 to 5 jobs as a CNA too.

Part-time positions are also available and offer even more flexibility.

Also, certified nursing assistants are in high demand all over the country. So if you ever want to move to a different town or state but still want to work as a CNA, you shouldn’t have any trouble picking up a new job.

  1. Intro to a Career in Nursing

One of the best ways to build a rewarding career in nursing is by starting as a certified nursing assistant. You’re going to have more opportunities to work with LPNs and RNs, making a network of mentors and colleagues who can help you start your career path.

When you work as a certified nursing assistant, you will gain useful work experience. You will also develop skills that are going to help prepare you for nursing school.

  1. Open Doors to Other Healthcare Careers

Certified nursing assistants work as part of multidisciplinary healthcare teams. AS a CNA, you’ll meet all kinds of other healthcare workers, include:

  • phlebotomists
  • radiology technicians
  • social workers
  • dieticians
  • pharmacists
  • physicians

You’ll get to work and learn from these people as you figure out where you want to take your career.

The Importance of Knowing About the Various Reasons to Consider Becoming a Nursing Assistant 

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now have a better idea of the top reasons to become a certified nursing assistant. As we can see, you can have a long and rewarding nursing assistant career.

While it certainly is not an easy job, it is one that will fill you with pride and purpose. You will also gain a lot of valuable skills and knowledge.

Are you looking for other helpful articles like this one? If so, then keep on reading and we will walk you through everything that you need to know in the medical field.

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