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6 Common Mistakes for Landlords and How to Avoid Them

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Are you avoiding common mistakes for landlords? It is possible to conduct yourself as a landlord without running into issues in the long term. However, if you make small mistakes along the way, you can create bigger issues that can harm your business.

The life of a landlord can be profitable. However, you must avoid common mistakes as much as possible if you want to create win-win situations for yourself and your tenants. To learn more, consider the short yet informative guide below.

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1. Mismanaging Screening Processes and Documentation

One of the most common mistakes landlords make is messing up the screening process and the paperwork. The landlord may have broken the law by failing to conduct a thorough background check on the tenant. Or by failing to ensure that the tenant’s income and credit were verified.

To avoid these types of mistakes, make sure to create a thorough and consistent tenant screening process. This means to check rental history, applicants’ background, and financial information should be collected and checked in a safe way.

Landlords can also benefit from making documentation a priority, as well as keeping current records of all a tenant’s filings and payments for future reference. A landlord must dedicate time and resources to screening and paperwork to secure their property. This will lead to responsible and trustworthy renters in the end.

2. Not Being Mindful of Discrimination Laws

One of the most common mistakes landlords make is not being mindful of discrimination laws. Unknowingly or intentionally discriminating against potential tenants based on race or gender. Remember that this can result in hefty penalties.

Landlords should know about Federal and State discrimination laws, like the Fair Housing Act, so they don’t break the law. They should also be aware that renting to people based on their ability to pay does not constitute discrimination.

Landlords should take care to use the same criteria to judge each potential tenant. And they need to make sure they’re posting rental ads in places that won’t discriminate against any protected classes. Treating everyone with dignity and respect is also essential when selecting a tenant.

Last but not least, landlords should keep detailed records and be able to show proof that none of their decisions are unfair.

3. Lack of Communication With Tenants

Landlords must work to remain in communication with their tenants. A lack of communication between a landlord and their tenant is one of the biggest mistakes a landlord can make.

It’s important to check in with tenants on a regular basis. Being available and attentive to tenant inquiries is vital.

Most tenants will have questions or need help at some point during their stay, and not taking care of these needs on time is a big mistake. A landlord should also make sure that there is always a way to get in touch with the tenant. This is so that if an issue should arise, the tenant knows they can contact their landlord.

Regular communication also gives a landlord a chance to get to know their tenants and show that they care about their well-being. Landlords should also give tenants a number of ways to get in touch with them, such as in person, by phone, email, text, or online form.

4. Failure to Follow Through With Maintenance and Repairs

One of the most common mistakes landlords make is failure to follow through with rental property maintenance and repairs. Not only does this hurt the condition of the property, but if tenants are living in a place that isn’t up to code, it can also get them in trouble with the law.

To prevent this, landlords should establish a clear and concise maintenance and repairs policy to follow. Furthermore, regular inspections of the property should be conducted to ensure all minor issues are addressed on time. This is to ensure safety before they potentially become serious hazards.

It’s also important for landlords to keep accurate records of all maintenance and repair requests made by tenants. This will help protect them from future claims that aren’t true. Documenting maintenance and repair requests shows landlords are protecting their tenants.

5. Ignoring Local Laws and Regulations

Not being aware of local laws and regulations (including local landlord-tenant laws) is a common mistake for landlords. This could leave landlords vulnerable to experiencing costly legal issues down the road.

It’s important to be aware of all laws and regulations in an area. This includes rental/occupancy laws, safety regulations, and state/local housing codes. Also, zoning ordinances, tenancy by the entirety, fair housing laws, and other landlord-tenant laws.

Landlords should also document any rule changes that may take effect due to local laws. Landlords can avoid making this error. This is done by doing the research needed and getting the information needed from the right government agency.

They should stay up to date on local laws and keep records of all their property transactions so they can defend their rights if needed. Lastly, landlords should know what their tenants’ legal rights are and let them know about any changes. This will keep them in line with local laws.

6. No Proper Marketing

One of the most common mistakes that landlords make is neglecting to properly market their rental property. Whether they are providing a monthly rental unit or a vacation rental, a marketing strategy for landlords needs to be in place to make sure that the right people are finding the right property.

If not, tenants will have a hard time finding the perfect place to stay, meaning lost revenue for the landlord. Some ways to ensure proper marketing include placing ads in various publications, utilizing online directories, and having a website with as much information as possible about the property.

Additionally, having a reliable, personable real estate agent or property manager to help market the property can be a great asset. Further, customer service should always be top of mind, and landlords should ensure that tenants are given a great experience from the moment of inquiry to that checkout.

This will help solidify customer loyalty and ensure that people will use and recommend a certain property.

Common Mistakes for Landlords to Avoid

Landlords play an important role in providing clean, secure living spaces for tenants. By avoiding common mistakes for landlords, such as failing to complete necessary paperwork or neglecting to advertise a property, they can help ensure a positive and successful tenancy experience.

So, why wait? Follow these tips today!

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