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6 Common Coupon Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Nearly 150 million Americans are using coupons.

Coupons are lifesavers for people who need to cut back their spending and save some cash. They’re easy to use, and many of them are digital, making it even more convenient.

But what are some common coupon mistakes that people make and are you making them? Here are 5 things you need to remember when buying with coupons so you don’t make mistakes.

  1. Don’t Overbuy

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you’re couponing is overbuying. Just because something is a great deal with grocery store coupons doesn’t mean that you should always buy it. This is actually a waste of money!

Also, buying too many of one item because you have multiple coupons for it isn’t wise either. You may not be able to use the product before it expires, either. The best thing you can do is to use the coupons for the products you’re buying because those are the best deals.

  1. Not Reading the Instructions

Coupons often show the product the coupon is for, the value of the coupon, and other instructions like expiration dates and stipulations. If you fail to read the instructions before using the coupon, you’re likely to get caught off guard and may not be able to use it.

Before you use the coupon, know what store you can use it in, when it expires, the product it’s for, and how the coupon works.

  1. Disorganization

Sometimes you need to use many coupons and this can quickly lead to disorganization. This can be frustrating when you get to a store and need to locate a coupon quickly or even when you’re shopping online for things like Mcdonalds coupons.

One way to remedy this problem is to get a coupon organizer and place all the paper coupons in it so you don’t lose them.┬áIf you’re shopping online with coupons, organizing them is easier especially if you’re using a coupon app.

  1. Forget to Stack

While you’ll need to follow the store coupon policy, there are some times the stores allow you to stack coupons. This means, that if each coupon has a value, and you have multiple coupons, you can use them each or “stack” them.

Stacking usually occurs when you use a particular store coupon along with a manufacturer’s coupon. You cannot use two manufacturer’s coupons on one product. See if the store offers coupons you can only use in their store and pair it with another coupon to increase your savings.

  1. Too Much Time

Couponing can quickly become addictive and fun, but many people become sucked in quickly. If you spend too much time couponing and not enough time with your family, or you’re not seeing the savings you wanted, you might want to think about cutting back time spent searching for coupons.

Don’t Make These Common Coupon Mistakes

These common coupon mistakes will help you have smooth transactions and keep some money in your pocket!

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