6 Applications for High-Pressure Pumps

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Today, low water pressure is a common issue even though you have new pipes. This can happen because of various reasons, such as high pressure and clogged pipes.

You can solve the pressure issue by using high-pressure pumps. Apart from home, there are various applications for high-pressure pumps. To help you understand the applications of these pumps, here are major industries to look at:

  1. Mining

When mining ore and coal underground, the pit water that accumulates needs to be pumped away to avoid flowing through working areas. According to Pumpbiz, this is usually done by pumping the water to the surface.

If you are a mining operator, you can set up high-pressure pumps in the underground chambers. Thanks to the pumps’ high-pressure performance, you can avoid the expense of pumping water from one level to another.

  1. Cleaning

Aircraft hangers and garages use cleaning implements so as to wash oil stains near drains. Although the concrete ground tries hard to anchor the oily stuff, no obstacle might stand against the pressure that pumps generate.

Apart from garages and hangers, other applications include graffiti erasing, construction equipment washing, livestock pen washing, and slaughterhouse sanitation.

  1. Automotive

Most diesel and gasoline engines need a pump so as to supply them with fuel. High-pressure pumps are also used in passenger car engines so as to generate enough fuel pressure to kick-start the ignition.

The main factors that drive the global automotive high-pressure pump market include:

  • The increased demand for fuel-efficient vehicles
  • The adoption of stringent carbon emission norms
  • The need to handle the gas effect in the greenhouse
  1. Food Manufacturing

Although most foodstuffs’ behavioral and physical properties are documented, in complex situations, it’s important to understand the type of food to handle so as to choose the right pump for both the process and product.

The food processing pump features a hygienic design that incorporates a separator fitted between the hydraulic chamber and piston to ensure there is no contact between hydraulic oil and food products.

  1. Oil and Gas Production

Industrial pumps are important devices that you will need to use in all oil and gas production stages. Usually, high-pressure pumps help to transfer fluids from one place to another.

For instance, you may use it to transport crude oil from storage tanks to mud pumps and pipelines. When it comes to gas and oil operations, fluids may also range from difficult to easy. Based on the nature of the substance, you will require a good pump for your needs.

  1. Pharmaceutical

Most pumps in the pharmaceutical sector are standard, though it is an industry that features many demanding applications, including precision in dosing, fragile media, and hygiene.

These applications require a pump, which may maintain a steady output. Other than these three key considerations, a few applications can feature hard-to-handle materials like viscous fluids, abrasives, and corrosives.

In a Nutshell!

There are many high-pressure pumps, which different types of industries use daily. They as well have commercial and domestic applications.

You can use these pumps to handle tasks, such as waste management, that are humanly impossible to deal with. Based on the applications, you can choose a suitable pump model for your needs.

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