5 Ways to Soothe your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

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Like all humans beings, dogs, too, can suffer from separation anxiety. This anxiety disorder leads dozens of dogs to end up in shelters. The reasons for developing separation anxiety can be of various reasons. Most of the common reasons include a change of location, change of parents, tragedy in the family, or change in routine. The best way to counter separation anxiety among dogs is by keeping them under the supervision of good dog daycare centers.

The symptoms of separation anxiety include chewing, urination, and defecation, frequent barking, destruction, or sometimes running away from their kennel.

Let’s talk more about how to soothe these separation anxiety symptoms in dogs.

Keep Them Engaged in Fun Tools

This is a great way to combat separation anxiety in dogs. Providing them with fun tools to distract their mind can work wonders to ease off the symptoms of anxiety in dogs. This will help them to remain engaged, along with being alone during the final days of leaving.

You can even provide them with a KONG tool because that will allow your canine friend engaged for some time in search of the food.


This separation method requires training over the past few months. Initially, you should try this process for a shorter period, then gradually increasing for a longer duration.

However, this method is tough if your dog is facing severe bouts of anxiety disorders and is challenging at times. Moreover, you may even require the help of a professional dog daycare service to ease out the pain of separation.

Dog DayCare

This is perhaps the ideal way to soothe your dog’s separation anxiety. Through a regular routine, exercises, and stimulating their mental senses helps them to cope with this problem at ease. Additionally, they are put under the supervision of trained dog daycare professionals that take care of them in a professional manner. Moreover, these professionals can easily identify the destructive behavior of your dog, along with working out to reduce these symptoms.

Regular Exercising

If you train your dog through regular exercising, it will make them tired at the end of the day. This will help them to get good sleep, while you can carry outside activities easily. Moreover, it will help them to get a good sleep for longer hours, even if you are not with them.

Calming Scents

Calming scents are believed to be an excellent method to soothe your dog’s separation anxiety. You can get them easily at various pet stores nearby or in dog daycare services in your area.

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